From the CEO: USA Taekwondo coaching staff for 2013 PATU Open Championships announced

Aug. 26, 2013, 7:55 p.m. (ET)

USA Taekwondo announced that, in response to concerns expressed by some of our USA Taekwondo members, Board of Directors Chair John Holloway asked the Ethics Committee Chair for an opinion regarding a possible conflict of interest for two of the coaches selected for the 2013 Junior Pan Am Championships, and also the coach selected for the 2013 World Poomsae Championships. Chair Parker rendered an opinion, it was shared with the coaches involved and the coaches voluntarily recused themselves, adhering to the spirit and the intent of the ruling from our Ethics Committee.

The official list (in alphabetical order) of the coaching staff is as follows:

Christina Bailey
Dong Lee
Eui Lee
Alvaro Mendez
Sherman Nelson
Jason Poos
Patrice Remarck
Joseph Salim

As CEO of USA Taekwondo, I take full responsibility for the manner in which this matter was handled. This will not happen again in the future.

Bruce Harris
CEO, USA Taekwondo