USAT Board seeks volunteers for Taekwondo Strategic Plan development

Aug. 22, 2013, 11:37 a.m. (ET)

The USAT Board of Directors is calling on parties to volunteer to assist in the ongoing USA Taekwondo Strategic Plan development. The USA Taekwondo BOD approved adding volunteers from our USA Taekwondo membership to work and assist in developing the five areas of our Strategic Plan. The areas and the points of contact are as follows:

Goal 1. Financial (Jeff Walters):  USAT will have the financial capability to adequately support our athletes and to meet our program goals.


    1. Increase sponsorship dollars 
    2. Revitalize Dan certification program 
    3. Increase event net revenue 
    4. Increase donor revenue  
    5. Decrease dependence on USOC financial support

Goal 2. Governance (Sanyin Siang)USAT will be structured and governed efficiently and effectively.


    1. Establish ongoing board orientation and development 
    2. Increase volunteer engagement in committees and task forces 
    3. Increase member understanding of election process 
    4. Evaluate Governance structure

Goal 3.  Membership (Sang Cha): USAT will be a thriving, progressive organization that represents all aspects of Taekwondo in the U.S.


    1. Increase club owner membership 
    2. Increase athlete membership 
    3. Increase coach membership 
    4. Increase referee membership 
    5. Increase supporting members membership

Goal 4. Programs (Bruce Harris)USAT certification, events and educational programs enhance performance and development at all levels of participation.


    1. Increase the number of events 
    2. Improve certification programs 
    3. Continue high-quality safety and sport education 
    4. Increase the incorporation of technology into event programs

Goal 5. Public Awareness (John Holloway): USAT will be known for its contribution to enhancing physical well-being of all participants as well as athletic achievement.


    1. Increase media footprint 
    2. Increase public awareness of the value of the sport and art
    3. Promote the recognition of Olympic athletes

Volunteers should have expertise in the areas in which they wish to help. All volunteers should submit their name and area of the Strategic Plan to CEO Bruce Harris via email at