Level 2 Coaches Seminar, Future Stars Camp make for busy week in Colorado Springs

Aug. 08, 2013, 11:13 a.m. (ET)

Following a month of July that featured the USAT National Championships and the WTF World Championships, USA Taekwondo is still at fever pitch with activities in August. Nineteen coaches completed the Level 2 Coaches Seminar in Colorado Springs, while nearly 50 athletes partook in the Future Stars Camp at the Olympic Training Center.

USAT caught up with both events:

The ‘Stars’ are out in Colorado

Aug. 7 marked the midway point of the 2013 Future Stars Camp where 47 athletes between the ages of 12-17 have learned from some of the top coaches in the country at the U.S. Olympic Training Center. The Aug. 4-11 camp is led by U.S. National Team Coach Patrice Remarck and his support staff.

Remarck on the benefits of young athletes getting hands-on experience at the Future Stars Camp
“We are engaged in the process of developing athletes for the Olympics in 2020. I think the Future Stars Camp is a fantastic initiative because we have learned how to start at the bottom of the pipeline and focus on the future. We have some young athletes who are very talented and we have to show them everything right away. At a young age, having instruction at the highest level will make a difference in their development.”

Camper Ryan Guzman on what he has learned so far at the Future Stars Camp
“The most important thing I’ve learned so far is the inverted kick and the importance of pivoting the back foot because I’m not a very flexible person. Those little details in the kick are what's going to get me up to kick people in the face. I fight taller people as a welter weight, so I really don’t hit the face, but this is really helping me get higher.“

Camper Katie Jackson on adjusting to a ramped up training regimen
“It’s a lot of training, but it has definitely been worth it. We’ve been learning so much so far. I’ve taken away the ability to persevere through all the training because it’s so much. It feels like it’s been three weeks, but it’s only been a few days.”

Taking things to another level

Before campers arrived for the Future Stars Camp, 19 coaches came to Colorado Springs for a three-day Level 2 Coaches Seminar, which was led by Remarck, Alvaro Mendez and Seth Wilson. During the Aug. 3-6 seminar, coaches built on their Level 1 training and advanced to the highest recognized coaching tier in USAT.

Congratulations to the following coaches for completing the Level 2 Seminar:
Johnnatan Aguila
Sang Cha
Andrea Evans
Russell Gale
Aniela Gardziola
Christopher Hershberger
Arrash Jaffarzadeh
Sharon Jewell
Jason Jin
Chul Ho Kim
Lynda  Laurin-Garcia
Dong Lee
Arlene Limas
Francisco Loureda
Kristen Martin
Rafael Rodriguez
Gergely Salim
Jonathan Scott
George Sloan

Remarck on what impressed him most about the Level 2 Coaches Seminar
“It was fantastic because we have a great group of people from different backgrounds. Everyone was engaged and trying to participate. Nobody felt like it was a contrived environment. It was very conducive for exchange, so even the more advanced coaches learned from those less experienced. It was a very positive experience, and from that we have received some fantastic feedback.”

Instructor Seth Wilson on the benefits of completing the Level 2 Seminar
“The Level 1 Seminar is primarily geared toward focusing in on the fundamentals. This seminar takes it another step, getting into more detail with strength and conditioning and periodization. I myself went through the CID program without any prior coaching, and I found the Level 2 Seminar to be the most informative seminar I had ever taken.”