USA Taekwondo announces Spanish Open team

April 24, 2013, 5:29 p.m. (ET)

USA Taekwondo is pleased to announce its 2013 Spanish Open team roster. The team will compete in Alicante, Spain, from May 3-5, followed by an International Exchange Camp in Madrid. The team of athletes and coaches will be under the leadership of USA Taekwondo Head Coach Patrice Remarck. The USA Taekwondo team delegation consists of the following persons:


Fin weights Giuliana Gil and Logan Gerick
Fly weights Charlotte Craig and James Howe II
Bantam weights Aziza Chambers and Olie Burton III
Feather weights Nicole Palma and Terrence Jennings
Light weights Diana Lopez and Mark Lopez
Welter weights Paige McPherson and Steven Lopez
Middle weights Lauren Hamon and Jason Neville
Heavy weights La Shondra Rawls and Abel Valdivia

Support staff:

Head Coach Patrice Remarck
Coach Jean Lopez
Coach Juan Moreno
Coach Sherman Nelson, Jr.
Coach Jason Poos
Interim CEO Bruce Harris
Manager Meredith Miller
Manager John Mcafee
ATC Kristin Saunders

“USA Taekwondo is excited to send this talented group to represent our country at the 2013 Spanish Open,” Harris said. “This will be another great stride for this program as we continue this year’s international campaign, which will culminate at World Championships this summer.”

Following the Spanish Open, the USA Taekwondo team will participate in an International Exchange Camp with the Spanish team. The International Exchange Camp will take place in Madrid immediately following the Spanish Open.