USOC Hearing Panel status update

April 10, 2013, 4:56 p.m. (ET)

USA Taekwondo has begun to address several of the areas of concern expressed by the USOC Hearing Panel. Here is an update on the progress being made thus far:

- The USAT Bylaws are being addressed by USAT Attorney Stephen Hess. Mr. Hess is working in direct contact with USOC Legal Counsel Gary Johansen to completely restructure our Bylaws to more closely resemble those of the USOC. The Bylaws are expected to be completed well ahead of the May 3 deadline.

- USA Taekwondo Board Chair John Holloway has appointed the new Nominating and Governance Committee members. That committee will be responsible for the oversight of Bylaws matters and will also conduct the screening and vetting of candidates for future selected and elected positions within the organization.

- The Coaching Science Committee had its name changed to Coaching Science Advisory Committee at the recommendation of USAT Attorney Stephen Hess. This will help us to make it clear that this is not a USAT standing committee and that it has advisory powers only. The idea behind reestablishing the Coaching Science Advisory Committee is so that more coaches would be included in the processes that involve coaches and athletes such as team selection criteria, coach appointments, wild card selections, etc. Again, this committee is advisory in nature only. It will offer advice to the Head Coach, the High Performance Director and to the CEO. Clarifying the role of this committee will help us to meet the May 3 deadline set by the Hearing Panel.

- The High Performance Plan is in the process of being tweaked to reflect the one Head Coach system instead of two coaches, the Assistant Team Coach structure, the vision of the new Head Coach, and also to include the WTF Grand Prix series. The deadline for completing this task is May 31. 

- The Minutes from the first Board meeting that took place this past weekend (April 6, 2013) will be posted later today. There is a process in place that provides for the Board members to vote to approve the Minutes via email. This will speed up the time that it takes to get the Minutes approved and posted. There are past Minutes from January through March that will be posted very soon. We expect to have all Minutes posted prior to the April 19 deadline set by the Hearing Panel.

- International Relations has been a weakness of our organization over the past several years. To that end, an international initiative was brought before the BOD for its consideration and was met with its approval. Mr. Sang Chul Lee was appointed President of International Affairs by the Interim CEO to help develop USAT's international relations, especially in Korea, by serving as a representative to the WTF, Kukkiwon, the Ministry of Sports and Tourism in Korea, and to increase relationships and possible funding opportunities to support our athlete development pipeline. All of this brings great value to our USA Taekwondo athletes in the international arena and also brings international sponsorship possibilities to our organization as well.

- USA Taekwondo has signed a four-year contract with DAEDO as one of our national sponsors. That means that USA Taekwondo will be using DEADO PSS for all of its national events and for the U.S. Open. The agreement does allow for USA Taekwondo to switch to a different company should another company be named as the PSS provider for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

The USA Taekwondo Board of Directors and I are seriously trying to move our organization forward and in a positive direction. These are but the most recent examples of how we are working to achieve that goal. As always, I will keep you updated in our progress.

~Bruce Harris