Terrence Jennings Q&A

Sept. 06, 2012, 11:49 a.m. (ET)
Terrence Jennings, 26, of Alexandria, Va., won a bronze medal in the men's -68kg division at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. In this month's Athlete Profile, Terrence answers 10 questions about his experiences at his first Olympic Games and about his life since winning the medal.

1. What was the first moment when it hit you that you are, and will always be, and Olympic medalist? 

TERRENCE JENNINGS: I think it finally hit me once I was standing on the medal stand. Afterward, everyone told me that once the medal was around my neck I never stopped smiling. 


2. Have you received any special treatment by flashing the medal? 
TERRENCE JENNINGS: Well kind of. A lot of places here in Miami have been giving me big discounts or free stuff. Actually, my last tattoo was done for free. 


3. What was your parents' and family’s reaction after you won? 
TERRENCE JENNINGS: My parents were extremely happy, I mean they haven't watched me fight in almost three years. So I think the fact that they were able to attend the Olympic Games and watch me win a medal is a memory they will hold forever. 


4. Where do you plan on eventually keeping the medal? 
TERRENCE JENNINGS: I'm taking it with me everywhere I go, lol. But seriously, hopefully one day it will be displayed in my Taekwondo school for all my students to see. 


5. What were your favorite moments from both the opening and closing ceremonies? 
TERRENCE JENNINGS: The opening and closing ceremonies were both awesome. I think my favorite part about opening ceremonies was being able to take pictures with all the different athletes, including the USA Basketball team. Closing ceremonies for me was amazing, being able to march back into the same stadium, but now with a medal around my neck, was surreal.  


6. What did you like best about the Athlete Village in London?
TERRENCE JENNINGS: The Olympic Village was really nice; the gym, the hangout area where they had live music every night. I would have to say my favorite part of the Village was the cafeteria. They had food from all over the world and even a McDonald's built inside of it. 


7. What were the best sights you saw in London?
TERRENCE JENNINGS: We didn't have much time to tour London, but we did get to see Big Ben. That alone was awesome and totally worth the trip to London. 


8. What was your most memorable brush with a celebrity in London? 
TERRENCE JENNNINGS: I would have to say just taking pictures with all the basketball players during opening ceremonies.  


9. Were there any welcome home parties for you in Miami or Virginia? 
TERRENCE JENNINGS: From the time we landed people have been going crazy, lol. Once we landed in Chicago, the Chicago fire department was on hand spraying the airplane with water hoses to welcome the U.S. athletes back from London. I have celebrated with some of my friends here in Miami. I'm heading back to Virginia to see everyone there and attend a few celebration parties.   


10. How do you feel about making a run at a second Olympics in 2016? 
TERRENCE JENNINGS: I've already started training again, just like this Olympics, one step at a time. I would love to attended the 2016 Olympic Games. I am very happy to have grabbed a bronze medal, but 2016 I want to bring the gold medal back to the USA!!