2012 World Poomsae Championships Day 3 Recap

Dec. 09, 2012, 2:58 p.m. (ET)

World Taekwondo Poomsae Championship News Day 3

Written By: Barbara Brand

The US continued to deliver strong performances on the third day of the 7th World Taekwondo Championship in Tunja, Colombia. Competition started with 2nd seniors, Claire Kim who won a gold medal in the 2nd pair on December 6 and two time team member, Justin Wang. Kim performed Chil Jung and Pal Jung and finished the preliminary in 9th place; Wang performed Pal Jung/Koryo and placed 5th. Wang commented that he found that the energetic support from the cheering US teammates stabilized him through his performance. By the time he returned for the semi-final round (Keumgang/Taebaek), the San Antonio Coliseum was packed and a line of eager fans waited in the line to see the action. He placed 8th and advanced to the finals (Pyongwon/Shipjin).  

“The final round is the easiest for me because I know I need to just go for it.” After placing 6th, Wang was very happy. "Team USA did not get our results by luck, he said. “We have the true skills for this sport.  I proved and witnessed it."

1st female team: Margaret Kim, Sunho Min, and Cindy Asano, in their first time on the world stage, placed 6th in  the semi-final round (Pyongwon/Taebaek). "The semi-final made us more motivated to show who we are. We weren't able to do what we wanted to do in the preliminary round, but we are excited and nervous to get a chance to show our potential." They returned to deliver a clean Koryo and well-timed Keumgang and finished 5th in the division.

As in yesterday's individual freestyle competition, the coliseum erupted with cheers during the highly competitive pair freestyle division.  Most of the performances included back flips, forward flips, round offs, cartwheels, 540 and 720 jump spin hook kicks, jumping multiple kicks, and multiple kicks with one leg from low to high targets. US team members, Long Nguyen and Hazel Cruz, executed their components with high confidence, strength, and a sharp edge. They finished in the semi-final round in 7th and finals in 6th place.

Day 4 of the competition will include these divisions: 1st pair, 1st male team, 2nd female team, freestyle team.