USAT takes coaching education to next level

April 25, 2012, 5:59 p.m. (ET)

USAT Coaches Edge Webinar a Huge Success

The most recent USAT Coaches Edge seminar was held via webinar on Saturday, April 14. The webinar was led by USAT National Team Coach Sherman Nelson and was attended by 27 coaches. The delivery of the seminar using the web was a big hit with those who participated.

"If you have not attended the Coaches Edge, make it a point to carve out the time and do it," said Coach Charles Morris of Atlanta. "Not only will you learn something, your athletes will thank you for it. I push my athletes to develop a tatical and strategic mindset in competition and, as a coach, I must do the same. The Coaches Edge seminar gives me the tools to do just that! Either attend the seminar and keep your skills fresh or you're going to be left behind.  It is easy to get so involved in actually coaching and training our athletes that we forget to once in a while stick our head up out of the trenches to see what changes are taking place in the sport. Coaches Edge gives you a perfect avenue to do just that. You will only get pertinent, focused, and thought-provoking information that will enhance how you coach."

"It was a great experience taking this webinar," added Coach Bernardo Norzagaray. "The information was presented in a very simplified and concrete way. I've been taking the Coaches Edge course for five years and in the webinar the topics were presented very clear and easy to understand."

"I thoroughly loved getting the coach's information and rules updates from my home on a Saturday morning,' said Coach Jason Poos. "The Coaches Edge webinar is a great addition to the USAT coaching program." 

Future Coaches Edge webinars are scheduled for April 30, May 10 and June 18. Contact Travis Oosthoek for more information at

Level 2 Coaches Camp

-August 2-5 in Colorado Springs, Colo.
-$450 covers registration and room and board at the OTC

NOTE: In the months following the 2012 Olympic Games, USAT plans to hold an open application process for USAT National Team Assistant Coach positions. To be eligible, applicants must be, at minimum, a Level 2 coach. This August camp will be the only opportunity to take the Level 2 course prior to the application deadline. The Level 2 Coaches Camp is limited to the first 25 registrants.