Junior Worlds April 4-8

April 03, 2012, 5:25 p.m. (ET)

The 9th WTF World Junior Taekwondo Championships are set to begin on Wednesday in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. The biennial championships will draw a total of 749 athletes, including 419 females, and 426 officials from 93 countries.

"I expect the championships will serve as an opportunity for the youth to display their skills to the full and also to exchange friendship among the youth from all parts of the world," said WTF President Chungwon Choue.
The five-day event will feature 10 weight divisions each for men and women. The U.S. is represented by a full 20-member squad.

The American men's team is comprised of finweight Ethan Gallegos (Bakersfield, Calif.), flyweight Zachery Budde (Maple Grove, Minn.), bantamweight Logan Gerick (Keller, Texas), featherweight Gabriel Chadis (Alvin, Texas), lightweight Ryan Guzman (Miami, Fla.), welterweight Malik Taylor (Littleton, Colo.), light middleweight Alec Coopman (Kapolei, Hawaii), middleweight Matthew Morales (Miami, Fla.), light heavyweight Brandon Ivey (Ashburn, Va.) and heavyweight Drew Thompson (Maple Valley, Wash.).

Chadis and Morales were both members of the 2010 Junior World Championship team.

Making up the U.S. female squad is finweight Kelsey Junious (South Windsor, Conn.), flyweight Alexandria Carino (Bakersfield, Calif.), bantamweight Gigi Gil (Camarillo, Calif.), featherweight Cheyenne Lewis (Elk Grove, Calif.),  lightweight Tiffany Khuu (Diamond Bar, Calif.), welterweight Deireanne Morales (Lynwood, Calif.), light middleweight Alexxis Grosso (Anaheim, Calif.), middleweight Moriah Martin (Eagle River, Alaska), light heavyweight Danielle Gay (Rhinebeck, N.Y.) and heavyweight Crystal Weekes (Staten Island, N.Y.).

Lewis is the defending junior world champion in the flyweight division, while Gil won a bronze medal in the finweight class at the 2010 World Junior Championships.

World Junior Taekwondo Championships Schedule

Wednesday, April 4
In Action...
Tiffany Khuu (Diamond Bar, Calif.) female lightweight (-52kg)
Ryan Guzman (Miami, Fla.) male lightweight (-59kg)
Crystal Weekes (Staten Island, N.Y.) female heavyweight (+68kg)
Drew Thompson (Maple Valley, Wash.) male heavyweight (+78kg)

Thursday, April 5
In Action...
Gigi Gil (Camarillo, Calif.) female bantamweight (-46kg)
Logan Gerick (Keller, Texas) male bantamweight (-51kg)
Moriah Martin (Eagle River, Alaska) female middleweight (-63kg)
Matthew Morales (Miami, Fla.) male middleweight (-73kg)

Friday, April 6
In Action...
Cheyenne Lewis (Elk Grove, Calif.) female featherweight (-49kg)
Gabriel Chadis (Alvin, Texas) male featherweight (-55kg)
Danielle Gay (Rhinebeck, N.Y.) female light heavyweight (-68kg)
Brandon Ivey (Ashburn, Va.) male light heavyweight (-78kg)

Saturday, April 7
In Action...
Kelsey Junious (South Windsor, Conn.) female finweight (-42kg)
Ethan Gallegos (Bakersfield, Calif.) male finweight (-45kg)
Deireanne Morales (Lynwood, Calif.) female welterweight (-55kg)
Malik Taylor (Littleton, Colo.) male welterweight (-63kg)

Sunday, April 8
In Action...
Alexandria Carino (Bakersfield, Calif.) female flyweight (-44kg)
Zachery Budde (Maple Grove, Minn.) male flyweight (-48kg)
Alexxis Grosso (Anaheim, Calif.) female light middleweight (-59kg)
Alec Coopman (Kapolei, Hawaii) male light middleweight (-68kg)

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