Rainy weather

Oct. 13, 2011, 12:41 p.m. (ET)

It's raining in Mexico today. So that pretty much means all of the team will be in the athlete services room until training (playing mario kart) at 2pm. We are truely testing our competitive abilites.
It took us about an hour to get to practice yesterday, but it was well worth it. Our hour and a half session was great, and I'm looking forward to getting the competition started. 
The team has been having great chemistry on this trip. Last night we had a few mean rounds of Jenga late into the night. The game really showed off Derianne and TJ's ability to destroy things.
We are going to be staying on campus this afternoon for training, because there is some million-person "parade" that is going to cause serious traffic issues. We are supposed to go down into the open-aired basement for training today so everyone is going to be nice and bundled up here.
Stephen Lambdin