Olympic Qualifier Victory

Nov. 22, 2011, 12:48 p.m. (ET)

Wow! How great it feels to have that pressure off our shoulders. All four of us qualified our divisions for the Olympics. How amazing it feels to be able to say that we did what we came to do. We did our job, and represented our country well. I am just so happy and thankful of our team. We all grew at this event. How we all got so close to each other. I was so happy and felt proud to be part of this part of history and experience. Our last night in Mexico was one of the best nights in my life. How we all got dressed up and went to a nice restaurant. Thank you, Krista! Some great toasts were made to our new CEO, Eric. How we all agree what a great guy and leader he is. His presence at the tournament was a great push towards qualifying. He had such an amazing team spirit. He would cheer, help, and do anything for us. How humbling it is to finally have a CEO like him. Our team staff was great as well. Casey, Jasper, Meredith, and Krista were all so great and would do anything to make sure we had everything we needed. Also, Luke, Nir, Mark, and Marlen, who were our training partners, were great. They all got us ready and warmed up for our fights. Overall this tournament and experience was one of the best. I thank the Lord for this. My dream is so close...one more fight, and I can finally say that I have made it to where I only dreamed of getting to. I can finally have that title, Olympian! I have only gotten this far because of my Lord, and I will continue to go as far as God allows me to go.