Kukkiwon Demo Team to Perform at June 5-7 International Taekwondo Festival

May 29, 2009, 5:01 p.m. (ET)

Los Angeles, California is the place to be on June 6th and 7th if you love Taekwondo.

The International Taekwondo Festival will be held on June 6-7 at the Industry Hills Expo Center in the City of Industry, CA.  Known for its festive carnival-type atmosphere the TKD Festival is a two-day tournament event that has an Open Individual event for Forms and Sparring and a World Team Match Sparring event for Jr. and Sr. Black Belts.  All competitors will receive a free kicking paddle as a participation gift! 

The world famous Kukkiwon Demo Team will perform on Sunday, June 7th at 4pm before the Team Match Finals.  All day Sunday, Teams from both United States and Foreign Countries (Korea's Yongin University Team, Mexico Team) will be showcasing exciting sparring sessions as they fight for the $50,000 prize.   You will be blown away by the talent and skills the Teams will bring and you may find yourself joining the chants and screams for your favorite teams!  

These World Team Matches and Kukkiwon Demo Team performances are both priceless events that do not happen very often here in Southern California let alone the United States.  The TKD Festival is one of the largest tournaments in California with about 1,500 competitors in 2008. 

The International Taekwondo Festival has extended the registration deadline to June 4th.  USAT members will get a $5 discount when registering online at www.TKDFEST.com.  

For more information please contact the Festival Organizing Committee at 909-468-1350.