Poomsae Referee Certification Course to be Held at Kissimmee Qualifier

March 12, 2009, 11:25 a.m. (ET)

USA Taekwondo is pleased to announce an eight-hour Level I Poomsae Referee Certification course to be held on Friday, April 3, in conjunction with the April 4-5 National Qualifier in Kissimmee, Fla. The course will run from 9am-6pm and will be taught by international referee Victoria Serbin.

"This is a pilot program designed to raise the level of poomsae officiating and instruction in the USA," said USA Taekwondo CEO David Askinas.  "Because of strong interest from our membership we have decided that we need to place more emphaisis on poomsae development.  We are privileged to have Ms. Victoria Serbin, an accomplished IR with a specific interest and expertise in poomsae officating as our course developer and instructor.  Ms. Serbin received excellent commendations from the WTF for her referee coordination work at the most recent World Poomsae Championships in Ankara, Turkey.  She is a recognized leader in her field and will provide a quality seminar for our members.  Future course offerings are in development."

Registration fee is $100 for full course and testing, or $50 to audit for course only. NOTE: Those who audit will not test or certify.

To certify, participants must be a minimum first dan black belt and have a working knowledge of poomsae Taeguk 4 through 8, Koryo, Keumgang and Taebak.

Course content includes:
-Basic movements
-Poomsae practice
-Scoring criteria and mechanics
-Testing, both written and practical

Participants are encouraged to download the WTF Poomsae Competition Rules before attending the course.

To register, please fill out the Application Form.