Amerstate University Work-Study Program Offered to USAT Members

June 25, 2009, 11:22 a.m. (ET)

Amerstate University, in Racine, Wis.,  would like to extend a very special invitation to the USA Taekwondo community.  Amerstate University is offering four USAT members the opportunity to apply to its Work-Study program.  This program offers many benefits to the interested student.  Each accepted student will be receiving a 100% scholarship to attend Amerstate University for two years to study and receive their Master of Science degree in Martial Arts.  Normal annual tuition for Amerstate University is $13,600 per year plus room and board.  This scholarship has a total value of over $51,000.00.   The individuals who are accepted to the program will be making a commitment of two years to Amerstate University.  During these two years the student will receive a full scholarship for the Master of Science in Martial Arts program, English as a Second Language training (if applicable), as well as room and board.  Also during this time, the Work-Study students will be applying their classroom study by giving Martial Arts training at local martial arts schools affiliated with Amerstate University.  After two years, and having received their Master's Degree in Martial Arts, the Work-Study students will have the opportunity to teach at the Applied Martial Arts School of Amerstate University, and consequently will have the opportunity to own their own martial arts facility. 

Those interested in the Work-study program must:

  • 1. Have a Bachelor's degree and submit transcripts
  • 2. Have their 4th Dan Black Belt and submit proof of Dan certification
  • 3. Be a Certified Master Teacher and submit proof of certification
  • 4. Submit a Work-Study Program Application
  • 5. Submit a current resume

Anyone interested should contact Cynthia Flores, Administrative coordinator, at