Wolff's Law

July 08, 2009, 10:44 a.m. (ET)

IF YOU DON"T USE IT YOU LOSE IT! Martial artists who punch or kick objects with increasing intensity (or of increasing hardness) to develop striking power to damage opponents, often display increases in bone density in the striking area.


Wolff's law is a theory developed by the German Anatomist/Surgeon Julius Wolff (1836-1902) in the 19th century that states that bone in a healthy person or animal will adapt to the loads it is placed under. If loading on a particular bone increases, the bone will remodel itself over time to become stronger to resist that sort of loading.The external cortical portion of the bone becomes thicker as a result. The converse is true as well: if the loading on a bone decreases, the bone will become weaker due to turnover, it is less metabolically costly to maintain and there is no stimulus for continued remodeling that is required to maintain bone mass

warm up 30secs on/15secs off
mash up: -Flutter kicks -push ups -abmat sit ups 4 intervals total

skill development: -double unders / Triple Unders -double kick to the face(both to face) -headstand/handstand holds work 5mins worth of each Work out Lizzie Complete for time: 15, 10, 5 Power Clean 185 lbs Ring Dips