World University Games Update Day 4

July 07, 2009, 10:59 a.m. (ET)

Summer World University Games
Day 4

James Howe (fly, Diablo Valley) received a bye in the first round, then defeated Julian Akich of Germany by point gap (10-3) with an impressive array of body kicks both offensive and defensive.  In the quarterfinals, he met eventual gold medalist Moon Kilsang from Korea.  A very tight and competitive match featuring sound contact from both players, the final score was 2-0 in favor of Korea.

Bonnie Su (welter, Texas) met Saina Savage of Finland in her first match. She went up early with a counter axe kick, her opponent tied it up with some counter roundhouse kicks, and she went up again in the third round with some aggressive play to win the match 5-3.  In the quarterfinal round, she narrowly lost to Maria Chugaeva of Russia 2-0 in a match that was very close all the way through.

Kristopher Uy (welter, Diablo Valley) drew Guilu Atabey from Turkey in his first match.  Kristopher got down early but adapted well to almost close the gap in the final round.  However, he fell short with a final score of 3-2 in favor of Korea.

Cheryl Krause (fly, George Mason) drew Choi Yoojin from Korea in her first match. Despite a strong effort from Cheryl, Korea advanced on a score of 3-1.

The coaches on the day were Jae Ho Kim, Kyung Hoon Kim, Yoon Kak Kim and Linda Buell.

Tomorrow, competition continues with the light and heavy weight divisions.  Stefan Webb (light, Metro State) meets Patiwat Thongsalap of Thailand in the first round.  Whitney Daniel (light, Rutgers) meets Kim Mi Kyung (Korea) in the first round.  Maia Eubanks (heavy, Rice) received a first round bye and meets the winner of Natalia Silva from Brazil and An Sae Bom from Korea in the second round.  TJ Leising (heavy, Santa Clara) meets Robert Vossen of Germany in the first round.

The results from Day 3 were as follows:

Men's Fly
1) Moon Kilsang, Korea
2) Ninoslav Babic, Serbia
3) Uchimura Kengo, Japan
3) Onur Cam, Turkey

Women's Fly
1) Manuela Bezzola, Switzerland
2) Yang Shu-Chun, Chinese Taipei
3) Pena Janete Alegria, Mexico
3) Chanatip Sonkham, Thailand

Men's Welter
1) Kahangi Rouhollah Taelbi, Iran
2) Sergey Dozortsev, Russia
3) Arman Yeremyan, Armenia
3) Baek Sunhong, Korea

Women's Welter
1) Gulnafis Aitmukhambefova, Kazakhstan
2) Petra Matijasevic, Croatia
3) Lee Seon Hyeong, Korea
3) Maria Chugaeva, Russia