Two Athletes Reach Quarterfinals on Final Day of World University Games

July 07, 2009, 11:03 a.m. (ET)

Aziza Chambers (bantam, Dayton) received a bye in the first round.  In the second round, she met up with Federica Mastrantoni from Italy.  It was a close match, but Aziza was able to score with some strong roundhouse kicks to the body and go up by one in the third round finishing at 3-2 to advance to the quarterfinals.  There, she met world silver medalist Tseng Yi-Hsuan of Chinese Taipei.  She held her own against her experienced opponent, coming from behind 2-4 and scoring a head shot on a roundhouse kick to the head in the third round to take her opponent to overtime.  After a couple of exchanges in overtime where both players made contact, Tseng scored with a counter roundhouse kick, making the final score 4-4 (0-1, OT).

Brandi Powers (middle, Stevenson) met Maria Karavaeva of Russia in the first round.  It was difficult to get a point on her taller opponent through out the match, but with 5 seconds left, down 2-4, being cheered on by her teammates, Brandi was able to land an axe kick to her opponent's face to tie the score and force overtime.  In overtime, she was able to land a kick to the body to take the match, 4-4 (1-0, OT).  She next met Andrijana Ciric of Serbia in the quarterfinals.  With the entire stadium cheering for her opponent, she had a hard time getting a point to go up on the board and lost (-1)-6.

Jason Hwang (bantam, Santa Clara) met Washington Marcelino of Brazil in his first match.  It was an exciting match featuring Jason's exciting aerial kicks vs. his opponents quick attacks.  The match went to overtime, but unfortunately the point didn't go Jason's way, with the final score being 3-3 (0-1, OT).

Jayson Grant (middle, Quinsigammond C.C.) fought the eventual silver medalist from Russia, Ivan Nikitin.  After finishing the first round 1-1 he got down in the second round and was unable to get around his opponent's solid defense.  The final score was 4-1.

It was a tough week overall for the U.S. team with some close calls.  The team earned one bronze medal (Terrence Jennings) and had 8 athletes reach the quarterfinals (Johnny Nguyen, James Howe, Aziza Chambers, Kasey Mallard, Bonnie Su, Brandi Powers, Maia Eubanks and Jennings).  Also, our men's poomsae team (Johnny Nguyen, Anthony Nguyen, Jason Hwang) finished just 2 spots away from the medals.  The team is disappointed but also understands how close it was to achieving a better result, and all are motivated for the future. 

Here were the results on the day:

Men's Bantam

1. Rafik Zohri, Netherlands
2. Kim Taek Kyu, Korea
3. Dmitry Frank, Russia
3. Stevan Rasic, Serbia

Men's Middle

1. Mehran Askari, Iran
2. Ivan Nikitin, Russia
3. Ihar Rasakhatski, Belarus
3. Serdar Yuksel, Turkey

Women's Bantam

1. Tseng Yi-Hsuan, Chinese Taipei
2. Wu Qiong, China
3. Jinah Nam, Korea
3. Sarita Phongsri, Thailand

Women's Middle

1. Gwladys Epangue, France
2. Oh Hyeri, Korea
3. Andrijana Ciric, Serbia
3. Reshmie Oogink, Netherlands