Coaches Complete Level 2 Certification

Jan. 15, 2009, 6:36 p.m. (ET)

Three days before the start of the 2009 U.S. National Team Qualifier, coaches from all over the country arrived on the campus of the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to participate in the first Level 2 seminar offered by USA Taekwondo.  The Level 2 seminar is a component of the Coach Identification and Development Program (CIDP) designed to increase or refine the knowledge and skills of coaches within the USAT coaching pipeline.  Twenty coaches from 10 different states, including Alaska, took part in this inaugural event. 

The diversity of the coaching group was not solely based on location, but on time as well.  Coaches with various levels of experience and backgrounds were in attendance, including some who have seen the growth and change that has taken place with the sport and its programs in the United States over the span of several decades.  For instance, Coach Oren Gautreaux from Blue Springs, Missouri, who began Taekwondo training in 1973 and won his first national championship in 1976, stated that the Level 2 seminar "was a great event in which I learned many things which will directly benefit my competitors.  I have had great exposure to outstanding coaches and team members.  I have seen many positive changes since those early days and see the coaching certification program as one of the very best.  I truly believe this (CIDP Level 2 seminar) will give the U.S. the edge to develop more and better athletes in the future.  It is easy to see the commitment and hard work in developing this program.  I challenge all coaches in the U.S. to participate in the next '09 seminar.  Thank you!"   

The CIDP Level 2 seminar is a comprehensive, competency-based program that took place over the course of two days and covered various aspects related to coaching Olympic-style Taekwondo.  After going though an extensive peer-based assessment of coaching competencies, all of the participants earned their Level 2 certifications.  Coach Stephen Dring from the Remarck Sport Taekwondo Team had the following to say about the seminar:  "I was very pleased with the content and delivery of the CIDP Level 2 Seminar.  Coaches Lopez and Moreno were extremely open and candid in sharing their experiences and knowledge with the attendees.  Clearly, they are committed to assisting all of the USAT coaches that choose to avail themselves to this valuable resource.  I consider my investment in this seminar money well spent. Thanks!"  

USA Taekwondo is proud to announce the first group of Level 2 coaches of the CIDP:

  1. David Bartlett - Colorado Springs, Colorado
  2. Fernando Brown - Anchorage, Alaska
  3. Tatiana Brown - Anchorage, Alaska
  4. Linda Buell - Oakland, California
  5. Stephen Dring - Potomac, Maryland
  6. Francis Esposo - Bakersfield, California
  7. Oren Gautreaux - Blue Springs, Missouri
  8. Marc Gitelman - Las Vegas, Nevada
  9. John Hasenpflug - Festus, Missouri
  10. Dennis Kim - Gainsville, Virginia
  11. Jimmy Kim - Laguna Nigel, California
  12. Peter Marquez - Sylmar, California
  13. Woosop Moore - Fenton, Missouri
  14. Patrice Remarck - Alexandria, Virginia
  15. Luis Reyes - Chatsworth, California
  16. Daniel Rogers - Seaside, California
  17. Michael Tang - Haver Hill, Massachusetts
  18. Charles Thornton - Bethesda, Maryland
  19. James White - Durham, North Carolina
  20. Dan Williams - Livingston, Montana  

Congratulations to the coaches above and USA Taekwondo looks forward to having more coaches join this distinguished group!