Steven Lin Advances to Semifinals of Korea Open

Aug. 20, 2009, 12:46 p.m. (ET)

Featherweight Steven Lin (Chatham, N.J.) has advanced to the semifinal round of the 2009 Korea Open in Incheon, Korea. Lin, utilized his mastered motions and traps to win his first two matches by wide margins (13-4 and 12-6, respectively). He will return on Friday to fight the semifinal round.

Sven Lorrimer (Whittier, Calif.) came out strong and confident as he set the tone for the second day of competition in the male bantamweight divison. After his first opponent from Iraq failed to show up, Lorrimer proceeded to win his second match 7-6 against his opponent from Canada. Lorrimer successfully landed numerous complex kicks, including an admirable triple kick to his opponent's face. However, he would lose his next match in the quarterfinals against Italy.

Natalie Aguilar (Los Angeles, Calif), the women's bantamweight representative, drew a fierce opponent from Italy her first match. After numerous heated exchanges between the two, Aguilar's opponent eventually won the match 10-4.

Likewise, women's featherweight team member Sabrina Salim (Carson, Calif.) also drew a tricky opponent from Italy in her first match and lost by a 5-1 margin.