Notice Regarding the 2009 Junior Olympics & 2009 Senior National Taekwondo Championships

April 30, 2009, 5:58 p.m. (ET)

In June of 2009, the WTF will incorporate new competition rules for Olympic Sparring.  USA Taekwondo has decided that it will incorporate the new competition rules for certain divisions at the Junior Olympics and Senior Nationals in Austin Texas, June 30 - July 5, 2009. 

Coaches and athletes should be aware that there are multiple changes to the competition rules and should familiarize themselves with the new rules prior to competition. These rule changes will apply to the 14-17 year old Junior Black Belt divisions and all Senior Black Belt sparring divisions ONLY.  Some of the changes include court size, scoring values, weight categories and protest procedures. All competition rules will be applied with the same exception of the instant video replay review process. Junior Safety rules divisions will not be affected by these changes. Those are USAT Rules that will not change until we have time to fully evaluate the implications of the new WTF rule and Junior Safety rules. 

One major change to the competition rules deals with the senior weight categories. There are changes to many of the senior weight categories. Because of these changes and the fact that athletes have already qualified for the World Class division in specific weight categories through 2009 Sanctioned Qualifiers and the 2009 National Qualifiers, USA Taekwondo has decided that the following procedure will be applied for athletes declaring weight for the 2009 Senior National - World Class Division: 

  • 1. All World Class qualified athletes will have the opportunity to select the weight category in which he/she will participate in the 2009 Senior National Taekwondo Championships - World Class Division (July 5, 2009). All qualified athletes will be afforded the opportunity to move up or down one weight category from their qualified weight category/categories or remain in the same category from their qualified weight category/categories.

        a. All athletes will be required to declare their new weight category by the late registration deadline of the 2009 Senior National Taekwondo Championships. 

The new weight categories can be found by clicking HERE.
The new competition rules can be reviewed by clicking HERE.

For any questions or concerns, please contact USA Taekwondo at 719-866-4632.