USAT Introduces Rolling Membership

Sept. 04, 2008, 1:33 p.m. (ET)

On September 1, USA Taekwondo transferred over to a rolling membership system. The practical effect of this change will be that from the date you register as a USAT member your membership will expire a full calendar year ahead instead of on December 31, 2008. This major change is requiring a major software redevelopment project from HangAStar and it is hopeful that the changes will be completed by the September 1, 2008 target date.

"We have studied this concept for about a year now, have received extensive feedback from membership and decided that this was a change that was important to our USA taekwondo family," said USAT CEO David Askinas. "Existing club owners and especially those new to USAT that joined in mid-year had some hesitation in signing up new members after Junior Olympics were completed because they did not think they were getting full value for their membership fees. This changeover to rolling membership removes that impediment.   

"We expect that there will be only a few minor issues that will arise after the changeover and we will be ready to deal with those. We are in a tough economy right now and anyway that we can give more value to our membership is worth examining. We believe the rolling membership system will be popular with our members so we are going to proceed in that direction."

NOTE: The Hang-A-Star membership system is currently being updated and memberships will be converted to the rolling membership as soon as the updates on the system are complete. Thank you for your patience.