USAT Members Win Numerous Medals at Toronto Open

Nov. 25, 2008, 1:17 p.m. (ET)

USA Taekwondo members had a fine showing at the Nov. 15-16 Toronto Open in Canada, with 26 athletes winning a total of 27 medals.

Gold medalists in the senior division were Jermaine James (Cape Coral, Fla.) in the Olympic flyweight class and Aziza Chambers (Springfield, Ohio) in the Olympic featherweight class.

Junior division gold medalists included junior flyweight Stephanie Popken (Highlands Ranch, Colo.), junior featherweights Kiana Lo (Danville, Calif.) and Aaron Porras (Highlands Ranch, Colo.), junior welterweights Emilia Morrow (Alexandria, Va.) and Jacob Amerman (Littleton, Colo.), junior middleweight Ally Creel (Highlands Ranch, Colo.) and junior heavyweight Adrienne Ivey (Ashburn, Va.).

Winning silver medals in the senior divisions were Christian Valencia (Renton, Wash.) in the Olympic flyweight class, Cheryl Krause (Fairfax Station, Va.) and Brian Gallagher (Littleton, Colo.) in the Olympic featherweight class, Tyler Knittel-McDavid (Loveland, Ohio) and Creel in the Olympic welterweight class, and Mike Walker (Detroit, Mich.) in the Olympic heavyweight class.

Junior silver medalists were Olie Burton (Alexandria, Va.) in the junior featherweight division, Shaina Krause (Fairfax Station, Va.) and William Jackson (Ann Arbor, Mich.) in the junior welterweight division, and Carly Rem (Maple Grove, Minn.) in the junior heavyweight division.

Bronze medalists in the senior competition were Adam Lautner (Hilliard, Ohio) and Jeremy Raymer (Indianapolis, Ind.) in the Olympic heavweight division.

Taking home bronze medals from the junior competition were Taylor Brennan (Hilliard, Ohio) in the junior flyweight division, Jennie McGurn (Anchorage, Alaska), Jackie Piansay (Alexandria, Va.) and Tim Kinley (Alexandria, Va.) in the junior welterweight division, Sana Jafarzadeh (Alexandria, Va.) in the junior middleweight division, and Nathan Hickel (Plymouth, Mich.) in the junior heavyweight division.