Ten U.S. Athletes Medal at Korean Open

Nov. 18, 2008, 12:21 p.m. (ET)

A total of 10 American fighters reached the podium at the Korean Open held Nov. 2-5 in Suwon City, Korea.

Male finweight Manuel Reyes (Chatsworth, Calif.) won gold, female welterweight Simona Hradil (Winnetka, Calif.) took silver, and female finweights Markie Keelan (Camarillo, Calif.) and Akiko Reyes (Chatsworth, Calif.) as well as male heavyweight Stephen Lambdin (Colleyville, Texas) all claimed bronze medals.

In the Foreign Division, Jaysen Ishida (Waikele, Hawaii) won gold and silver in the Junior I light middleweight class, , Miles Kiffmann (Haiku, Hawaii) won silver and bronze in the Junior II featherweight division, and bronze medals were awarded to Junior I welterweight Jensen Ishida (Waikele, Hawaii), Junior I middleweight David Hubbard (Wainae, Hawaii) and Junior II featherweight Brandon Ganeko (Pearl City, Hawaii). 

Akiko Reyes also won two gold medals in competition poomsae.