Jason Hwang Blogs from the World Poomsae Championships

Dec. 26, 2008, 12:44 p.m. (ET)

(December 23)

I am finally back home after being delayed in Frankfurt, Germany for one day.
Before I go any further let's talk about the final day the DAY 3 competition.
My teammates and I in 1st Male Team division we finished the tournament being in top 15,
I assume the official rank would be between 13th~15th place.
The 2nd round cut was top 12, so it was a very close and bit of a disappointment.
However, I am glad to finish what we got b/c there was a last minute subsitution.
One of the newest teammates, Henry, had gotten very ill and sprained his ankle.
Things could not get worse for him, but he cheered us on w/ his positive spirit.
We received notification from the organization that we can make a subsitution.
Other division teammate Muhammad stepped in and we somehow meshed very well.
After about an hour practice it was our time to go.  As for me this was a 2nd time on a big stage for poomsae and
3rd time to being on a big stage.  I felt my adrenaline as we walked into our waiting area right next to the ring.
This was a different experience b/c there was big crowds next to our ringside.  I could barely hear what
referee was commanding.  Matt, Muhammad, and I performed Taeguk 6 & 7 back to back.  We received
a solid score on 6th, but on 7th we didn't get the higher point to put us in top 12 cut.
I am proud of my teammates and especially Henry who wanted Muhammad to take his spot,
so that team USA can perform at its best.
It's been already 3-4 days since the competition ended.  I wish now that I can do it all again.
All the new friends that I have made and learning new cultures from other team are priceless.
I think I have added 30 new friends to my online homepage.
There's a talk from WTF that they might continue to put on World Poomsae Championships every year,
instead of following sparring tournament format which are every two year. I cannot wait till the next one.
From this year's tournament my personal ranking of top 5 countries are
Korea, Iran, Spain, Turkey, and Germany.  Vietnam finished overall 5th and only brought two competitors, whom
won medals in three divisions.  Team USA has improved so much more technically than last year.
Enough said, here are some of my pictures.
Until next time when I will have honor to give you the inside look.
Happy Holidays Everyone.
-jason hwang- 


(Wednesday, December 17, 2008)

I am in the hotel lobby after DAY 2 competition.
Here are brief summary of past two days of competition.
On the first day we did not medal, however, on second day
we captured our first medal from the 2nd Female Team division.
Also Mexico became the second nation from western hemisphere to medal together
with our team.

I will be competing on DAY 3 with my 1st Male Team teammates.
I cannot wait until we get on the stage and perform in front of the world.
There's great excitements at 3rd World Poomsae Championships that
during afternoon local elementry, jr. high, high school, and people of Ankara storms
the competition area.  All of them cheering for Turkey, but the noise the fans bring
makes you feel like you are part of something special.

Here is little bit of how the World Poomsae competition is formatted.
There are a total of THREE Rounds.
First round is preliminary where you perform two of four Poomsaes (taeguek 6~8 and Koryo),
and the groups are cut into half from total teams (e.g. 30 team into 15 goes to next round).
Second round is semi-final where you perform two of four Poomsaes (Keumkang, Taebaek, PyongWon, ShipJin),
which are 2nd Dan through 5th Dan poomsaes.  From here the top 8 teams will go to the final.
Third round is final where you perform remaining of two poomsaes.  Then the World Champions are born.
The final scores of each rounds are projected by averaging two poomsae scores.
The total score is 10, at this year's competition anything around 8.30 or above gets you in the medal or even
Gold medal.
Scores are shown on TV and it shows the current standing of ranks.  It is really exciting to see when
higher scores change the board of rankings.

Wish the rest of team USA luck who are competing on DAY 3.
There'll be lots of pictures soon.
I want to say hello to my family, love, friends, and
my students from K.T.I. taekwondo rancho cucamonga, CA. 

(Sunday, December 14, 2008 )

Hello everyone. I am Jason Hwang, member of U.S. National Poomsae Team.

I am here in Ankara, Turkey, for the past two days. I finally found Internet to check my email and news to all.

All the teammates are here and we have already gotten two practices. We are getting used to the time difference and the weather difference.

Tomorrow there will be drawings for which poomsaes each divisions will do for their first round.

On my next blog I will write more information about details about the champiionships.