USA Taekwondo, the National Governing Body of taekwondo in the United States and a member of the U.S. Olympic Committee, is pleased to announce the formation of the USA Taekwondo All-American program for its member athletes beginning in 2010.

The title of "USA Taekwondo All-American" is an achievement conferred exclusively by USA Taekwondo to the most deserving taekwondo athletes who have demonstrated superior performance and the Olympic ideals. 

The criteria for achieving USA Taekwondo All-American status is as follows: 

A. Hold a Kukkiwon or USAT-certified black belt at the time of the competition

B. Medalist in sparring or poomsae at the USAT National Championships or Junior Olympics (World Class sparring), and a medalist at the U.S. Open within the same calendar year, with at least one medal being gold. Both medals must be either sparring or poomsae, not mixed.

C. USAT (Jr., Sr.) national and world championship team members (including Youth Olympic Games team), sparring or poomsae, or Olympians. (Alternate or "B" team members are not eligible).

D. Represent the highest qualities of sportsmanship expected by USAT and the USOC.  

The USA Taekwondo All-American designation will be awarded to individuals who achieve A and (B or C), and also D. This applies to events beginning in 2010 and for competitors at least 14 years old in the calendar year.