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Welcome to the new Membership online system for USATT


Join as a Brand New Member

Click on: Join Now or Renew your USATT Membership! Then click "NO" to the question and click Join Now button.

  • Step 1 - Set up your Personal Profile:  fill in all the *Required fields. 
    • Password Convention: 6 min., 12 max. at least 1 number & 1 letter, all lower case characters.
    • Email: be sure the email you enter is working, so you can receive receipts, payment confirmations.
    • Click the NEXT>> button at the top of your profile to continue.
    • A pop-up will appear telling you that your info is saved in the system.  You’ll see your Member ID # and Login information.  Please record this information in a safe place for future access to the system and click OK & NEXT>> to continue.
  • Step 2 - Select Your Preferred Membership Level: Check off a membership type and select the # of years if in drop down list. 
    • The effective start/end dates show in Membership Period column. Only one product can be selected at a time. 
    • To change your selection, uncheck the current selection and reselect another membership type.
    • If you are selecting a Household Membership, please note the following:
      • Households are defined as up to two adults 18 years and older and any number of minor children under age 18, living at same address. If you need help with Household Membership processing, please contact USATT membership department for assistance.
  • Click NEXT>> button to go to next page.

  • Step 3 - USATT waiver: Click the button to agree to the waiver.
    • Click NEXT>> to proceed to Check-Out page to process your secure online payment.
    • If you would like to make a donation to USATT, please enter an amount into the text box and your donation will be included in Total Amount line.
    • Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards are accepted.
    • Upon successful sign-up, you’ll see printable receipt appear.  You will also receive an email receipt.
    • Click Home button to return to USATT’s website. 

Already a USATT Member?  Sign in to Update your Profile and Renew your Membership

  • From the same link above to Join/Renew, select YES and click Sign In/Login button.
    • For 1st time users of the new system, click on Forgot Password link to set/reset your password.
    • Follow the directions, check your email for the reset password link (Set Password: 6 min., 12 max., 1 number, 1 letter, all lower case characters).
    • Once logged in, click on RENEW link (upper left, next to Home) check your personal profile and update your information then click NEXT>> to continue.
    • Follow directions above for Steps 2 & 3 to complete Sign Up process. 

Congratulations!  You have completed the registration process for USA Table Tennis.

Manage your Account/Profile, Review Payment History, Print your USATT Membership Card

*Some features below will be available in subsequent rollouts, so please continue to check the site for new rollouts and developments.

  • Click the Manage Your Profile link on USATT’s membership page from
    • Enter your email and password into the Sign In page
    • You are logged in if you see: Welcome: “Your Name” in the upper right side of home page.
  • Profile Tabs (left side of personal profile page)
    • Click on Payment Activity Tab to view your USATT payment history.
    • Click on Credentials to view all your USATT roles, Certifications, Coaching Info & Continuing Ed Coursework.
    • *Click on Match History to view matches, results & ratings data.
    • *Click on My Schedule to view any upcoming events you've signed up for in the new system.   
  • Click the Print Membership Card button to launch the Membership Card Report page.  A print dialog box will automatically appear from print setting on your computer enabling you to print out the card.

System & Browser Information - Please go here for more information - 

Membership Type



Adult 1-year



Adult 3-year



Adult 5-year



Junior 1-year



Junior 3-year



Collegiate 1-Year



Household 1-Year









Tournament Pass (per tournament)



  • General Members. No ratings fees for USATT Sanctioned Tournaments, USATT Events (US Open, US National Championships), and/or USATT Sanctioned Leagues. USATT will continue to offer multi-year memberships under the “General Membership” category.
  • Associate Members. May pay on a per-event basis as outlined below. Associate Memberships will only be offered on a year-to-year basis, and Associate Members may not participate in USATT Sanctioned Leagues. Please note that, in accordance with the USATT By-Laws, Associate Members may not vote in elections. 
  • Contributor memberships are for those who are required to be, or wish to remain as, paying members of USATT (e.g. Coaches and Officials) but won’t be competing in sanctioned leagues or tournaments. If a contributor member wishes to play in a sanctioned league or tournament, they will have to purchase a tournament pass or upgrade to a full membership.

As a member you will receive:
  • USATT Insider E-Newsletter every week
  • Official Laws of Table Tennis – available on the website 
  • USATT Personalized Membership card - Available through your membership profile
  • National Rating published weekly On-Line
  • Tournament Entry forms – available on the website
  • Entrance into any Sanctioned Tournaments (USATT Members only) over 300 tournaments in 2012 
  • Invitations to USATT Sanctioned Tournaments from 0 star to 5 star
  • USATT Club Insurance
  • Listing of all approved equipment (upon request) 
  • USATT Decal
  • Opportunity to watch the best athletes from the United States and the world and meet new friends
  • Discounts available for USATT Events from Hilton HHonors & United Airlines. To obtain a discount on domestic flights, call Olympic Help Desk at 1 – 800 841 0460 

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