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History of USA Table Tennis Volume 12


From Oct., 1933 through Nov.-Dec., 1993, the name United States Table Tennis Association (USTTA) prevailed; thereafter the Association is referred to as USA Table Tennis (USATT). During the year 1983 that this volume deals with I’m indebted to the USTTA publications Table Tennis Topics and SPIN, and to my own tabloid Timmy’s.

            Those to whom I particularly want to show my gratitude: Liguo and Li Henan Ai, John Allen, Mal Anderson, Peter Antkowiak, B.K. Arunkumar, Bob Barns, Tom Baudry, Stellan Bengtsson, Derrick Black, Lou Bochenski, Sally, Scott, and Eric Boggan, Mark Bortner, Alain Bourbonnais, Houshang Bozorgzadeh, George Brathwaite, Bard Brenner, Quang Bui, Bernie Bukiet, Tommey Burke, Mike Bush, Charles Butler, Dick, Sue, Scott, and Jimmy Butler, Butterfly T.T. Report, Errol Caetano, Melissa Campbell, Jack Carr, Lim Ming Chui, Robert Compton, Jay Crystal, Fred and Carl Danner, Wendell Dillon, Rey Domingo, Mariann Domonkos, Jim Doney, Mel Eisner, English T.T. News, Dick Evans, Shazzi Felstein, Alan Fendrick, Neal Fox, Igor Fraiman, Andrew Giblon, Alice Green, Howie Grossman, Ray Guillen, Don Gunn, Bill Haid, Rufford Harrison, Judy Hoarfrost, Larry Hodges, Patti Hodgins, Mark Holowchek, Bill and Liz Hornyak, Jack Howard, Franz-Josef Huermann, Engelbert Huging, Steve Isaacson, Bob and Barbara Kaminsky, Dennis Kaminsky, Gus Kennedy, Ken Kerr, Harold Kopper, Zoran “Zoki” Kosanovic,Yvonne Kronlage, Mike Lardon, Don Larson, D-J and He-ja Lee, Tim Lee, Y.C. Lee, Marv and Caron Leff, C.F. Liu, Ardith Lonnon, George Lowi, Attila Malek, Bob Mandel, Barry Margolius, Bowie Martin, Sr., Tony Martin, Jeff and Mona Mason, Dennis, Brian and John Masters, Tom McEvoy,  Jim McQueen, Jack “Buddy” Melamed, Brian Miezejewski, Dick Miles, Tom Miller, Manny Moskowitz, Bela Nagy, Olga Nemes, Leah Thall Neuberger, Joe Newgarden, Khoa Nguyen, Arthur and Louise Nieves, Brandon Olson, Pat, Kathy, and Sean O’Neill, John Oros, Glenn Ost, Kenny Owens, Tyra Parkins, Bob Partridge, Nancy Persaud, Marty Petterchak, Horatio Pintea, Power Poon, Carl and John Prean, John Read, Marty Reisman, Errol Resek, Danny Robbins, Sylvia Rosenthal, Mitch Rothfleisch, Pawel Rotkiewicz, Leon Ruderman, Dave and Donna Sakai, Nisse Sandberg, Sol Schiff, Ron Schull, Perry Schwartzberg, Dr. Michael Scott, II, Ray, Dan, Rick, and Randy Seemiller, Millie Shahian, Adham Sharara, Ron Shirley, Simon Shtofmakher, Dan and Patti Simon, Angelita Rosal Sistrunk, Neil Smyth, John and Sheri Soderberg, John and Pauline Somael, Bill Steinle, Duke Stogner, Don Story, Dave Strang, Dell and Connie Sweeris, John Tannehill, Maurice Taylor, Lyle Thiem, Larry Thoman, Peter Thulke, Takako Trenholme, Bob Tretheway, Jim Verta, Budimir Vojinovic, Bill Walk, Tom Walsh, Scott Wan, Si Wasserman, Michael Wetzel, Gene Wilson, Tom Wintrich, Dick Yamaoka, and Horst Zodrow.           

            I again want to thank Leah Neuberger’s sister, Thelma “Tybie” Sommer, for agreeing after Leah’s death, that I might, in succeeding her as the Association’s Historian, have access to her conscientiously-kept records, letters, photos, newspaper clippings, magazines, and tournament programs from around the world. I want also to thank again Leah and Tybie’s late, longtime friend Bob Green for taking the considerable time and trouble to box up and send to me all this indispensable information.