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This is the 2016 official USA Table Tennis List of Approved Equipment. Help support USA Table Tennis by buying approved equipment only from these Supplier Pool Members. Please see the ITTF link for the rest of the ITTF approved equipment list.

Only USATT and/or ITTF Approved Equipment maybe used at all USATT sanctioned tournaments.

Important notice to Equipment Suppliers & Distributors regarding US Gray and Black Market Sales.

Products Company
Adidas - Competition*** Sport Squad, LLC
Butterfly - Butterfly*** Martin-Kilpatrick
Cornilleau - P-Ball***, Elite ***, Expert, P-Ball, Pro  Cornilleau
Donic - Donic***, Coach Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.
Gambler - Bullet Platinum***
JOOLA - Gold 3 Star, Magic, Rossi Champ, Rossi 3 Star, Select, Super 3 Star, Training Sport Squad, LLC
Nittaku - Nittaku***, Nittaku*** Premium
Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.
Stiga - Competition***, Optimum*** Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.
Tibhar - Tibhar***, Tibhar JPS*** Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.
Yasaka - Yasaka***, Training
Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.


Products Company
Adidas - Pro II Sport Squad, LLC
Butterfly - Europa, National League Martin-Kilpatrick
Donic - Clip, Stress, World Champion Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.
JOOLA - Spring, WM Sport Squad, LLC
Newgy - Tournament Newgy Industries, Inc.
Stiga - Clipper VM, Evolution, Premium Clip, Premium VM                                                 Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.
Tibhar - Rondo, Smash Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.
Yasaka - Master 2000 Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.


Products Company

A32W Pro, G2W Pro, H2W Touch Pro, S4W Pro, Table Top Pro

Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.
Butterfly - Amicus 1000, Amicus 3000, Amicus 3000 Plus, Amicus Advanced, Amicus Basic, Amicus Pro Martin-Kilpatrick
iPong - iPong Original, iPong Pro, iPong Topspin Sport Squad, LLC
Newgy - Robo-Pong Table Tennis Robot - RP 540, RP 1040, RP1050, RP2040, and RP 2050 Newgy Industries, Inc.
SMARTPong - SmartPong



Products Company
Adidas - Blaze Speed, P3, P5, P7, R4, R6, SynTec, SynTec 2.0, SynTec Fast, SynTec SF, Tenzone, Tenzone 2.0, Tenzone SF
Sport Squad, LLC
Butterfly - Addoy, Bryce, Bryce FX, Bryce Speed, Bryce Speed-FX, Catapult, Catapult Hard, Cermet, Challenger-Attack, Challenger-Chop, D'or, Ekrips, Ekrips Soft, Feint FG, Feint-Long II, Feint-Long II-OX, Feint Long-III, Feint-Long III-OX, Feint-OX, Feint-Soft, Flarestorm, Flarestorm II, Flextra, Large 44DX, Magnitude, Magnitude-Kawa, Morim, Orthodox, Pan Asia, Raystorm, Rein, Relop Attack, Relop Attack-OX, Sapphira, Selvid, Solcion, Speedy P.O., Speedy P.O. Soft, Spin Art, Sriver, Sriver-EL, Sriver-FX, Sriver-G2, Sriver-G2-FX, Sriver G3, Sriver G3-FX, Sriver-Kawa, Sriver Killer, Stayer, Super Anti, Super Anti-Special, Super Sriver, Tackifire-Drive, Tackifire-Special, Tackifire-You can use snippet to insert predefined blocks of HTML.Special Soft, Tackiness-C, Tackiness Chop, Tackiness Chop II, Tackiness-C-Kawa, Tackiness-C Soft, Tackiness-D-Kawa, Tackiness-Drive, Tempest, Tenergy 05, Tenergy 05-FX, Tenergy 25, Tenergy 25-FX, Tenergy 64, Tenergy 64-FX, Tenergy 80, tenergy 80-FX, Wakaba, West Will Martin-Kilpatrick
Target Pro GT-X51, Target Pro GT-H47, Target Pro GT-M43, Target Pro GT-S39, Pilot Fast, Pilot Sound Power, Drive Speed, Drive Spin, Start Up, Target Force 45 Cornilleau 
Donic - Acuda S1, Acuda S1 Turbo, Acuda S2, Acuda S3, Akkadi L2, Akkadi Taichi, Alligator Def, Alligator Soft No Sponge, Anti A40, Anti Classic, Baracuda, Barracuda Big Slam, Baxster D25 Short Pips, Baxter F1-A, Bluefire JP 01, Bluefure JP 03, Bluefire M1, Bluefire M2, Bluefire M3, Coppa, Coppa JO, Coppa JO Gold, Coppa JO Platin, Coppa JO Platin Soft, Coppa JO Silver, Coppa Speed, Coppa Tagora, Coppa Tenero, Coppa X1, Coppa X1 Gold, Coppa X1 Turbo Platin, Coppa X2, Coppa X3, Desto F1, Desto F1 HS, Desto F2, Desto F3, Desto F3 Big Slam, Liga, Liga Plus, Piranja Formula Tec Slice 40, Quattro, Quattro A'Conda Medium, Quattro A'Conda Soft, Quattro Formula, Slice 40, Solo, Sonex 40, Sonex Formula, Sonex Formula X40, Sonex Formula XF45, Sonex Formula JP Soft, Sonex JP, Sonex JP Gold, Sonex X40, Sonex X45, Traction MS Pro, Traction MS Soft, Twingo, Twister, Vario, Vario Big Slam, Vario Cooper S, Vario Cooper ST, Vario Gold, Vario Soft, Vario Soft ST, Vario Sound, Vario ST Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.
Dr. Neubauer - A-B-S, Allround Premium, Anti-Special, Boomerang Classic, Desperado, Diamant, Domination, Domination Speed, Domination Tuned, Fighter, Goliath, Goliath Speed, Gorilla, Gorilla Special, Grizzly, Grizzly ABS Sponge, Inferno Classic, Killer, Leopard, Monster Classic, New Gorilla, Pistol, Special Defence, Terminator, Tornado Ultra Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.
Friendship - 563, 563-1, 729 40H, 729 40S, 729 Dr. Evil, 729 Cream, 729 FX (EL), 729 Faster, 729 Faster 2, 729 Faster 3, 729 FX Lightening, 729 GeoSpin, 729 GeoSpin Tacky, 729 Higher, 729 Higher 2, 729 Higher 3, 729 SP, 729-08, 729-5, 729-AAA, 755, 755-2, 799, 802, 802-1, 802-40, 804, 837, Focus 1, Focus 2, Focus 3, RITC 2000 Tack Speed, RITC 729, RITC 729-2, RITC 729-3, RITC 729 Tackspeed, Super 729FX
Gambler - Aces, Four Kings, Outlaw Pre-Tune, Peace Keeper, Reflectoid, Shadow, Six Shooter Pre-Tune, Wraith Zeropong
Hallmark - Friction Special 2, Frustration, Green Power, Half Long, Magic Pips, Mirage, Panther, Phoenix, Podium, Power Spin Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.
JOOLA - 4 You, Air, Amy Classic, Amy Control, Antitop, Badman Reloaded, Brave, Energy Green Power, Energy X-Soft, Energy Xtra, Express One, Express Two, Express Ultra, Express X-Plode, Express X-Soft, Mamb, Mambo H, Octopus, Orca, Phoenix, Phoenix 48, Rhyzm, Samba Plus, Shark, Tango, X-plode Sensitive  Sport Squad, LLC
Juic - 999 Attack, 999 Defense, 999 Elite, 999 Elite Defense, 999 Elite Hardtype, 999 Elite Nano, 999 Elite SV, 999 Elite Ultima, 999 Elite Ultima SV, 999 Hardtype, 999 Turbo, Air Condle, Air Condle Sound, Air Condle Speed, Couga, Dany III, Dany V, Dany V Ultima, DrivaSmash, DrivaSmash SV, DrivaSmash Ultima, DrivaSmash Ultima SV, Leggy Defense, Masterspin 40, Masterspin Special, Nano Cannon, NanoSpin, NanoSpin II, NanoSpin +Flex, NanoSpin II +S, Neo Anti, Offense, Offense Ultima, Patisuma, Patisuma II, Patisuma 3, PipsAce 03, Scramble, Scramble 21, Scramble 21 SV, Scramble 21 Ultima, Scramble EX Ultima, Spin Spiel, Spinspiel Hardtype, Spinspiel SV, Spinspiel Ultima Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.
LKT - Black Power, Pro XP, Pro XT, Rapid Power, Rapid Soft, Rapid Sound, Rapid Speed, Recoil, Red Diamond, Torrent-Gold Zeropong
Newgy - Omega Newgy Industries, Inc.
Nittaku - Annsort, Best Anti, Express, Fastarc C-1, Fastarc G-1, Fastarc S-1, Flyatt Hard, Flyatt Soft, Galze, Graffiti, Hammond, Hammond FA, Hammond FA Speed, Hammond Pro Alpha, Hammond Pro Beta, Hammond X, Magic Carbon, Micro, Moristo, Moristo 44, Moristo 2000, Moristo 2000 NX, Moristo DF, Moristo FG, Moristo LP, Moristo LP One, Moristo RS Hard, Moristo RS Soft, Moristo SP, Narucross, Narucross Ex Hard, Narucross Ex Soft, Narucross GS Hard, Narucross GS Soft, Narucross GS Super Soft, Narucross Tension, Nodias, Nodias A-1 Hard, Nodias A-1 Soft, Pimple Mini, Pimple Mini One, Refoma, Renanos Bright Hard, Renanos Bright Soft, Renanos Hard, Renanos Hold, Renanos Soft, Retora, Screw One, Screw Soft, Spiral, Specialist One, Specialist Soft, Specialist Soft HS, Wallest, Wallest One, Zalt Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.
Stiga - Almana, Almana Sound, Almana Sound SynergyTech, Boost TC, Boost TP, Boost TS, Boost TX, Calibra LT, Calibra LT Plus, Calibra LT Sound, Calibra LT Spin, Calibra Tour H, Calibra Tour M, Calibra Tour S, Carbo, Carbo MC, Carbo Sound, China Extreme, Chop & Drive, Clippa, Cobra 2000, Destroyer, Doer, Energy Absorber, Evo, Future, Innova, Innova Premium, Innova Ultra Light, Innova Ultra Light SynergyTech, JMS EVO 1, Magic, Magna, Magna TC 2, Magna TS 2, Magna TX II, Mendo, Mendo MP, Mendo Energy, Neos, Neos Sound, Neos Sound SynergyTech, Neos Synergy Tech, Neos Tacky, Optimum MP, Premium, Radical, Royal, Stream, Triumph Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.
Tibhar - 1Q, 1Q Sound, 1Q XD, 5Q, 5Q Sound, Aurus, Aurus Soft, Aurus Sound, Dang, Ellen, Evolution EL-P, Evolution FX-P, Evolution MX-P, Extra Long, Genius, Genius+Optimum, Genius+Optimum Sound, Genius Sound, Grass, Grass Defense, Grass D-Tec, Grass Flex, Grass Offense, Grass Spezial 2000, Grass Spezial 3000, Grass Ultra, Grip-S, Grip-S Europe, Grip-S Europe Soft, Learn Cont, Learn Spin, Legend, Mythik, Nianmor, Nimbus, Nimbus Medium, Nimbus Soft, Nimbus Sound, Nimbus VIP, Norm, Primus, Rapid, Rapid D. TecS, Rapid D. TecS Soft, Rapid Soft, Rookie D. TecS, Samurai, Serie 2000, Sinus, Sinus Alpha, Sinus Sound, Speedy S/L, Speedy Soft, Speedy Soft D. TecS, Speedy Soft D. TecS VIP, Speedy Soft Pro, Speedy Spin, Speedy Spin Premium, Standard, Storm, Super Defense, Super Defense 40, Super Defense 40 Soft, Torpedo, Torpedo Soft, Vari Spin, Vari Spin D. TecS, Volcano Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.
Yasaka - A-1.2, Anti Power, Cobalt, Fusion, Mark V, Mark V30, Mark V GPS, Mark V HPS, Mark V HPS Soft, Mark V M2, Mark V XS, New Era, Original, Original Extra High Grade, Original T-Version, PB-1, Phantom 0011, Phantom 0012, Phantom 007, Phantom 008, Phantom 009, Pryde, Pryde 30, Pryde 40, Rakza 7, Rakza 7 Soft, Rakza 9, V-Stage, Xtend, Xtend HS, Xtend SG

Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.


Products Company
Butterfly - Centrefold, Centrefold 25, Centrefold 25 Sky, Europa, Europa 25, Europa 25 Sky, Octet, Octet 25 Martin-Kilpatrick
Cornilleau - 850 Wood ITTF, 740 ITTF, 640 ITTF, 610 ITTF, 540 ITTF, PARK, 540 M Crossover, 510 M Outdoor, 700 M Crossover, 500 M Crossover, 400 M Crossover, 300 S Crossover, 250 S Crossover, 150 S Crossover, 100 Crossover, 500 Indoor, 250 Indoor, 100 Indoor
DHS - T 2024 Regent Newgy Industries, Inc.
Donic - Compact, Delhi, Delhi 25, Delhi SLC, Persson 25, Persson Classic 22, Waldner Classic 25, Waldner Highschool, Waldner SC, World Championship TC Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.

JOOLA - 2000-S, 3000-SC, Duomat, Rollomat, Showroom, World Cup S

Sport Squad, LLC
Kettler - Baltic, Champ 3.0, Champ 5.0, Classic, Magnum/Master Pro, Master Pro, Match 3.0, Match 5.0, Match Pro, Narvik, Nordkap/Stockholm, Riga Pro, Riga Pro/Sven Champion, Top Star XL, Top Star XL/Garden XL Kettler International, Inc.
Stiga - Competition, Expert, Expert Roller, Expert Roller CSS, Optimum 30, Premium Compact Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.
Tibhar - Smash 28, Smash 28/R, Smash 28/SC, Top Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.