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2012 Umpire - Roman Tinyszin

Rules & Officiating

2013 US Nationals: Referee Seminar & New Umpire Seminar

Would you like to become an umpire?

Anyone interested in becoming an umpire, please contact Wendell Dillon (USATT Umpire Examiner)   – – for information on taking the club umpire exam. There is a $10 fee for taking the exam electronically and $15 if taken on paper. The fee is payable to USATT. Please contact Andy Horn at (719)-866-4583, extension 4, with payment by credit card. The passing grade is 76%. The exam will be critiqued if you pass the exam. We do not critique failed exams.

Rules questions?

Please contact Roman Tinyszin – – for any table tennis rules questions.

USATT Officials & Rules Advisory Committee

Roman Tinyszin, IR, Chair
61 Silver Lane
East Hartford, CT 06118
860 416-5299

Committee Members:
Ray Cavicchio -
Yelena Karshtedt -
Lee Kondo -
Pam Fontaine – Athlete Rep –
Doru Gheorghe – Liaison –