2014 Big Island Open

By Len Winkler | May 05, 2014, 9 a.m. (ET)

Tournament Write-up

 Kona Table Tennis
Noah Clark & Allen Kaichi    

38 players, representing all the major Hawaiian Islands plus the US Mainland, played table tennis in the beautiful small town of Waimea, on the Big Island of Hawaii. April 4-6 made a great time for a table tennis tournament. The weather was beautiful. 

We had an umpire or scorekeeper for each and every match. Friday afternoon brought us our 1st event, having the ladies compete for women's champ. Kiyoko Endo defeated Lory Hunter (BITTA) in the finals and all had fun. The 2 senior events took place afterwards with some good action and lots of aloha. Kohn Buck beat Frank Miller (CCTTC) in the U-1000 senior final & Allen Kaichi (OAHU) came to beat our own Stephen Freedman (BITTA) in the senior open final. 

This tournament was the 1st with players coming from the new Kona Table Tennis Club. The Kona Club players were an integral part of this tournament and will be a major force in the tournaments in the near future. With the tournament providing some great coffee beans and John Romoa brewing great coffee, it was better than going to a coffee cafe' on Saturday morning. We had fresh bananas, all sorts of power bars, snacks, & more. Now it was time for the Super Round Robin with plenty of action coming down to 4 divisions in the medal round.  

Allen Kaichi (Oahu) was there again defeating Noah Clark, from Maui in the final of the A Division. Tim Woollard defeated Rommel Gantala (Kona TTC) in the B Division. In the C Division, Tony Sekona defeated Narin You (Kona TTC), and in the D Division, Ivan Baldinger (Kona TTC) defeated Kiyoko Endo (Aloha TTA, Oahu). A Hawaiian influenced lunch was brought in on Saturday that everyone really enjoyed. 

Next up, Stewart Miyashiro (BITTA) defeated Kiyoko Endo in the U-1450. In U-3400 Doubles, the team of Randy Pisanu/Noah Clark defeated Stephen Freedman/Stewart Hunter in the finals. Sunday morning we had 50 Sausage McMuffins donated by Lesi Sekona, along with the famous John Romoa Coffee Bar & other treats. Lesi also donated 100's of cans of juices & sodas. 

In the fun unrated handicap event, Roy Carley (NKTTC) defeated Lory Hunter and then it was time for the Open Elite. After some very exciting quarter final & semi final matches, it was again down to Allen Kaichi vs young Noah Clark (Maui) in the final. Allen won again, 4 games straight! 

In the U-1000, Junior Damien Stacks (BITTA) defeated John Buck and in the U-1600 final, Tony Sekona outlasted Uncle Lesi Sekona in 5 tough close games. There was plenty of action, friendship, food, sweat, coffee, emotions, and the unique Aloha Spirit. A huge MAHALO to all the participating players, sponsors, and helpers. 

This tournament was a success due to the assistance in so many different ways of many people like, John Romoa, Lesi Sekona, Shigemi Degawa, Tim Woollard, Stephen Freedman, Kiyoko Endo, David De May, Allen Papapetrou, Robin Clark, Debbie & Len Winkler, and others. Aloha!  Read Len's full article at table tennis and more.

Match action including various players:





Some 1/4 final action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xII0ywRDsw

Semi Finals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3YQlWLMg0Y

The Open Elite Final: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWKofDzg23Q