SafeSport Background Check

By USATT | July 07, 2014, 9 a.m. (ET)
SafeSport in USA Table Tennis
Background Check

The background check is provided by First Advantage (Lexis Nexis) at a cost of $16.75 per person. This fee is to be paid by the coach/member for whom the background check will be performed.
What is covered in the background check:
  • SSN verification
  • Felony including misdemeanor (Goes back 7 years in current county of residence)
  • National Criminal Record File-Adjudicated (Reports all convictions regardless of age of record, adult cases only)
Members must create their own profile when they log into the background check system,

It will take one hour for the background check to be completed once it has been submitted. USATT will have to log into the system in order to find out the results of the background check and only USATT will have access to the results.

Adverse Results Notice:
Only seen by USATT CEO. If appealed, a review committee consisting of the CEO, General Counsel/Secretary and the Chair of the AAC will be involved and confidentiality will be strictly maintained.