Notice to USATT Member Coaches

By Michael D. Cavanaugh | Oct. 18, 2013, 11 a.m. (ET)

Notice to USATT Member Coaches 

The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) is mandating that all Olympic Sport National Governing Bodies implement a Safe Sport Plan by Dec, 31, 2013.  As a part of that plan, background checks are mandatory for all coaches who are members of USATT and who are listed as coaches within USATT publications and records. 

Very soon we will release information on the firm that USATT will utilize along with a step by step on-line registration process to complete the background checks.  We will set a date of January 3, 2014 to have coaching background checks completed and results made known to USATT.  The results will only be made available to the selected individuals within USATT who are charged with reviewing these reports and who are responsible for taking action should an adverse finding be generated by the background check.  All results will be held as confidential information within USATT and will be protected as such.  At the moment the review team is identified as the CEO, USATT’s General Counsel and USATT’s Chairman of the Athlete Advisory Committee. 

In 2014, we will also announce an educational plan that will be directed to all clubs so that we start to build a program within USATT where Safe Sport is at the core of all of our club activities and sanctioned events.  We will introduce an on-line tutorial on Safe Sport produced by the USOC. All USATT members involved with conducting sanctioned events and being recognized as coaches within USATT will have to complete the USOC on-line tutorial program.  There will be no fee for the USOC on-line tutorial program and individuals completing the background check will be required to pay the fee involved.  USATT does not receive a partial fee reimbursement from the background check firm in an effort to keep the cost to a minimum. 

Stand-by for more information on this program which will be released in the very near future. 


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