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By Michael D. Cavanaugh | May 28, 2013, 9 a.m. (ET)

Post Memorial Day Blog

Photo by Rick SniderIf you are anything like me, the older I become, the more meaningful Memorial Day becomes to me.  Perhaps it is a function of recognizing all that has gone before me in terms of service to nation and that so many have given so much for our mutual benefit.  I’m also reminded that some 43 years ago I was awakened at 3 am Memorial Day and every soldier in the 1st battalion, 3rd Infantry (I was a member of the Recon Platoon) loaded a truck in the darkness and we made the short drive to Arlington National Cemetery.  By sunrise every grave stone in Arlington had a small USA flag placed one boot length away from the gravestone.  There was urgency in our pace as the sun became to creep toward the horizon.  The section I worked was a civil war area and virtually all of the gravestones I visited were marked as” Unknown” – which at the time seemed remarkable to me.  At the time, this whole process seemed like just another detail and only in retrospect do I now realize what an honor it was to have experienced that call to duty!  I am always humbled by the fact that I was selected to serve in The Old Guard, the Army’s Official Presidential Ceremonial Unit. 

Last week we were engaged in the continuing internal process for selecting Para National Team Coaches following telephonic interviews with each applicant.  The Selection Committee / Interview Panel consisted of High Performance Committee Chairman, Carl Danner, Coaching Advisory Committee Chairman, Fede Bassetti, Athlete Advisory Committee Representative, Tahl Leibovitz, Para Program Manager, Jasna Rather and High Performance / Technical Director, Doru Gheorghe.  I have the hiring responsibility and I rely on the recommendations made by this group of distinguished individuals.  We are very near to the close of this process. 

A number of National Para Team members competed in the Slovenia and Slovakia Open with Ari Arratia of Venice, CA taking home a bronze medal in the team event.

I also made revisions to the Diversity Plan that is mandated by the USOC for submission in early June. 

Staff continued on planning, preparation and processing of all the segments related to the staging of the Americas Challenge (July 3-6) in conjunction with the U.S. Open (July 2-6) at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Entries as of this date are very high in number.  A direct outreach was made for volunteers from the Las Vegas membership (to include family and friends) to help us in the many areas of our operations. 

Staff updated the Annual Giving Campaign results and we continue to post results and generate individualized thank you letters to donors.