By Adam Bobrow | Jan. 15, 2013, 9 a.m. (ET)

SPiN La ActionImagine your WILDEST fantasy. Ok, back it up a little bit…now get rid of the pool filled with whipped cream and the mermaid riding the zebra aaaaaaaand…. PERFECT! Welcome to SPiN LA at The Standard in Downtown Los Angeles. It’s tough to believe that there is actually a place where I can play table tennis, have beautiful girls continue to refill buckets of balls so my practice partner and I don’t have to chase them while being serviced with food and drinks. For those of you interested, the guys there are very handsome and cool as well. If only there was cool music playing and an awesome atmosphere. OH WAIT! There IS! Bright red custom-made Stiga tables, white SPiN balls that glow in the black light. A view of the city lights and the buildings in downtown LA, great flooring so you don’t slip or put too much pressure on your knees…it’s really amazing to have a spot so cool… where people think YOU’RE cool just because you know how to play a bit.

There are also regular tournaments with prize money for people like you… tournament playing USATT members.There is a weekly Dirty Dozen with some of the top local players.

Adam, do celebrities come into SPiN LA? Please refer to my facebook page. 8>) Depending on the night of the week, you can also head up to the roof top to have a beautiful view of downtown, with a pool, bar, DJ, fireplace, waterbeds, lounge seats and a rooftop table tennis table.It’s very fortunate that one of the swankiest spots in the country happens to have an 11 tabletable tennis club that’s open from noon until very late. 8>)

Okay, Adam! We get it… SPiN LA is your dream come true. Was this article just about you writing a commercial for SPiN? Good question, self. That brings me to the main issue at hand. Now that us “pros” (meaning… tournament players) have this place where we can go to feel like royalty… “with great power comes great responsibility.” –Zeus*. When you’re an underdog sport, and sometimes the object of ridicule or the butt of the joke… it’s easy to want to get revenge and “show these amateurs” what it feels like to be bullied. For many of these people… the ones who insist on calling it “table tennis” or get upset if someone refers to it as “ping pong” aren’t always super welcoming. And that’s the thing… SPiN will draw recreational players like a moth to a flame. And if we can show them a trick or two, how different our paddles feel, why spin is a very important part of the game… we can excite them, make them feel welcomed and inspire them to get more involved. We can be heroes.

For you this may already be natural. Hopefully you are friendly to all and happy to share an interest regardless of skill level… but at times like these… there are great opportunities to bridge that gap that keeps those of us reading this magazine separate from those who have never heard of buying rubber. Table tennis is growing and whether you call it ping pong or table tennis or both… as long as you love it and share your love for it… I believe the growth will continue faster and smoother than ever before.

Is this the only factor in the growth of table tennis? Definitely not.But it IS one thing that we can all do on a regular basis to contribute, see some results, and hopefully have fun in the process. Oh yeah… and come visit me at SPiN LA. 8>D

*I mean Spiderman's uncle Ben... or before that in 1892 by Thomas Francis Gilroy, the Mayor of NY… possibly originated from a Socrates quote. 8>)