Mike Babuin Elected New Chairman of the Board

By Michael D. Cavanaugh | Feb. 05, 2013, 9 a.m. (ET)


Mike BabuinThe Board of Directors of USA Table Tennis elected Mike Babuin as their new Chairman for the next two year term.  Mike Babuin has an extensive background in Table Tennis and he succeeds out-going Chairman, Peter Scudner, who completed his four year term as Chairman of the Board.  Peter will continue for another two years as an Independent member of the USATT Board and as Chairman of the Audit Committee.

Mike’s first action was to thank the Board for their trust and confidence and he then turned to personally thanking Peter Scudner for his solid leadership over the past four years as Chairman of the Board.

In addition to the Chairman election, Dennis Taylor was re-appointed to the Office of Secretary of USA Table Tennis in addition to his duties as General Counsel.  The following individuals were approved as Chairs of their respective Committee and Advisory Committees:

High Performance Committee   -   Carl Danner
Nominating and Governance Committee   -   Bob Fox
Ethics and Grievance Committee   -   Jim Coombe
Compensation Committee   -   Mike Babuin
Audit Committee   -   Peter Scudner
Athletes Advisory Council   –   Han Xiao
Officials and Rules Advisory Committee   -   Roman Tinyszin
Seniors Advisory Committee   -   Gregg Robertshaw
Tournaments Advisory Committee   -   Larry Rose
Editorial Advisory Committee   -   Jim McQueen
Clubs Advisory Committee   -   Attila Malek
Hardbat Advisory Committee   -   Alberto Prieto
Juniors Advisory Committee   -   Dennis Davis
Coaching Advisory Committee   -   Federico Basseti
Marketing and Fund Raising Advisory Committee   -   Jim Kahler

The Committee and Advisory Committee Chairs will be tasked with making recommendations to the Board as to the members of their respective Committees / Advisory Committees.  They will be given a deadline of March 8 to provide their recommendations for Board approval.

Those members who have submitted their willingness to serve as a member of a respective Committee  / Advisory Committee to CEO Mike Cavanaugh,  will have their names and information passed along to the respective Chairs for their consideration.  Committee and Advisory Committee Chairs will be working closely with AAC Chairman, Han Xiao, to make sure that there is 20% athlete representation on all Committees and Advisory Committees.

The Board desires to have all Committees and Advisory Committees with full membership approved by their next scheduled teleconference in the latter part of March, 2013.

Please join me in welcoming our new Chairman, Mike Babuin and our Board approved Committee and Advisory Committee Chairs!