Obituary of J. Morton Evans

By Clark Nicholl | April 01, 2013, 9 a.m. (ET)

J. Morton EvansJay was the President of the Amarillo Table Tennis Club when I first began to play in 1958. He helped many players develop in to excellent table tennis players. Steve Dodgen toured with the Harlem Globetrotters throughout South America as part of their half-time entertainment. The Amarillo TT Club hosted a yearly 4-man team tournament the first weekend of June for more than 15 years. Entries came from Kansas City (Joe Sokoloff) Boulder, Colorado (Jim Wherry, Russell Plybon) Houston (Perry Schwartzberg) Albuquerque (the Gresham's), El Paso (McHorn), Dallas (David and Kevin Bell), all were among the many participants that came into Amarillo to play.

After the closing of Amarillo Air Force Base, Jay secured for the club one of the many now empty buildings where we able to erect individually barriered tables, an upstairs TV room with a refrigerator and other amenities.

When the Senior Olympics (now the Senior Games) began, Jay participated and became a national champion in his age bracket.

Unfortunately at the competition in Orlando, Jay was defeated by Buster Chase. Jay had recruited Buster to teach to play. Jay was Buster's boss at Amarillo Air Force Base and lived to blocks up the street from Buster on Manhattan. I learned all of this when I married Buster's daughter Karen. I gave coaching advice to Buster which enabled Buster to beat Jay. Jay did not appreciate the help I gave to Buster.

Jay passed away on March 25, 2013. His wife Noma preceded him in death. They had celebrated their 73rd anniversary in 2011.