2012 Junior and Cadet National Teams Notice

By Michael D. Cavanaugh | Nov. 20, 2012, 12 p.m. (ET)

TO:  Interested Athletes, Parents, Coaches 

The USATT Board of Directors held a special telephonic meeting Monday evening, November 19, 2012, to discuss the selection of athletes for the 2012 Junior and Cadet National Teams, and to discuss the selection of replacement athletes when members of those teams were unable to participate in funded competitions and training camps.  The Board met for over two hours of frank and thorough discussion.  The Board concluded that the 2012 selection procedures had been followed.  However, the Board also concluded that the High Performance Committee should have been more precise in drafting the procedures, and that the Committee should have been more diligent in publicizing the procedures.

In order to remedy these deficiencies and any resulting athlete hardships, the Board ordered the following actions:

  • The previously published selection procedures for the 2013 Junior and Cadet National Teams are hereby withdrawn.  The High Performance Committee will promptly review and revise those procedures, subject to the approval of the Athletes’ Advisory Council.   The selection procedures then will be republished.
  • The 2013 Junior and Cadet Trials will be conducted in Las Vegas at the U.S. National Championships on Dec 18 – 22, 2012.  All entries have been received, and all who entered will compete for spots on the National Team.
  • The revised 2013 Selection Procedures will be posted on the USATT website NO LATER THAN Dec. 10, 2012.

  • Effectively immediately, the selection procedures for all National Teams, and amendments to those procedures, must be approved by the Athletes’ Advisory Council before publication.

  • USATT will designate an ITTF Junior competition for USATT participation in 2013. Athletes listed on the USATT website as members of the 2012 Junior Girls Team B and 2012 Junior Boys Team B will be offered the opportunity to compete in that event with full USATT support.

The Board of Directors appreciates the talent and hours of training required to compete at the highest level of table tennis in the United States. The Board further appreciates USATT’s duty to foster an environment that allows these athletes to flourish.


Dennis Taylor                                                                       Michael D. Cavanaugh

Secretary – USATT                                                               CEO - USATT
General Counsel