USA Table Tennis & United Airlines Travel Discount Program

Jan. 19, 2012, 6:34 p.m. (ET)

As part of a larger agreement through the U.S. Olympic Committee, United Airlines (UAL) is offering 5-10% discounts on domestic travel and 7-15% discounts on international travel when booked through this program.

USA Table Tennis participates by submitting an event/tournament list, obtained from clubs who desire to be included in the program, to UAL. We then provide participating clubs with a Program Code and an 800 number for booking by telephone and an on-line address for booking electronically.

You are receiving this notice because you are an affiliated USATT club and as such we want to offer you the opportunity to have your event/tournament listed on the USATT master list to be included in this travel discount program.  It is recognized that many of our affiliated club events/tournaments do not lend themselves well to air travel needs as many are state or regional in nature.

What we need from you is the following information to have your event included on this list that we will submit to UAL for inclusion in the program:

  1. Complete name of your event – example:  U.S. National Championships
  2. Event City – example:  Las Vegas, NV
  3. Event Start Date – example: if your event starts on 12/16, we will list it as 12/15
  4. Event End Date – example: if your event ends on 12/19, we will list it as 12/20

We are now requesting a listing of 2012 events/tournaments that our affiliated clubs would like to be listed for inclusion in this program.  If plans change and an event is cancelled or if you want an event added, we can do that in real time fashion with a minimum of two weeks notice as needed.

Please submit your event(s) to be listed on this offer to me by Feb 3rd or any time after this date. Once an event is confirmed, I will then send you the Tour Code number and all the relevant booking methods contacts so that you in turn can make that information known to your potential participants. 

If there are any questions on this program, please direct them to me at and if I don’t have the answers, I’ll present them to those that will have the answers.


Michael D. Cavanaugh