2011 Coach of the Year Awards

Jan. 11, 2012, 9 a.m. (ET)

Following a thorough review of the nominations received, the Selection Committee unanimously agrees to the following selections:

National Team COY – Massimo Costantini (ICC Table Tennis Center in Milpitas, CA)

Massimo (ITTF High Performance Coach) has trained National Champions Timothy Wang, Ariel Hsing, and Lily Zhang as they have won medals internationally at the North American Championships, Pan Am Games, JUIC Junior International Championships, and Qatar Sport and Peace Cup.  The ICC Table Tennis Center was named an ITTF Hot Spot Training Center in 2011.

Development COY – Stefan Feth (World Champions Table Tennnis Academy in San Jose, CA)

Stefan (USATT’s Men’s National Coach) has helped develop present and future champions like Ariel Hsing, Michael Landers, Kanak Jha and Kunal Chodri (both ITTF World Hopes Team Members), Prachi Jha, Michael Tran, Diane Jiang, and Aarsh Shah. The World Champions Table Tennis Academy was named as an ITTF Hot Spot Training Center in 2011.

Paralympic COY – Stellan Bengtsson (San Diego Table Tennis Club in San Diego, CA)

Stellan (Former 3 x World Champion) worked extensively with 2011 Para Pan Am Team Members Andre Scott (Silver Medalist) and Daryl Sterling, Jr. as they represented the United States and won internationally in Romania, Brazil, Czech, Great Britain, Mexico, Argentina, Holland, Slovakia, Germany, Costa Rica, and Milwaukee.

Volunteer COY – Duane Gall ( Zing Table Tennis Club in Denver, CO)

Duane is an USATT State Level and ITTF-PPT Level 1 Coach.  During 2011, he has been a very active volunteer coach at 6 different table tennis programs in the Denver, Colorado Area.  His personal efforts have brought a large number of new players into the sport.   Duane has volunteered his coaching time for special populations including minority children at the Hiawatha Davis recreations Center, Wheatridge Middle School, Lakewood Online Academy.  He also conducts regular coaching programs at the Eisenhower Recreation Center and Malley Senior Center to players of all levels and has recently helped with the formation a new club in Denver, "Zing".   Duane truly teaches not only the techniques of sport but also the joy of sport.  He is a living example of the positive impact that sport can have in people’s lives.

Massimo, Stefan, Stellan, Duane will be nominated by USATT to the U.S. Olympic Committee's Coach of the Year selection process. Join us in congratulating these fine world-class coaches for their continuing accomplishments and contributions to USA Table Tennis.