USATT Board of Director Position Opening

Oct. 20, 2011, 5:35 p.m. (ET)

Independent Director
(To fill unexpired term through 2012 with the possibility
of consideration for an additional term to follow
Board of Directors

About USATT:

 USATT is the national organizing body for table tennis in the United States. Created in 1933 and headquartered in Colorado Springs, its staff serves the 9000+ members and 285+ clubs that are affiliated with USATT. It oversees a wide variety of membership services, the national teams, and other areas such as the rules of the game, and numerous online instructional and historical articles. It is governed and run by the 9 members of the board of directors, numerous committees, and paid staff.

Roles & Responsibilities:

The USATT Board of Directors represents the interests of the Table Tennis community for USATT in the United States and its athletes by providing USATT with policy, guidance and strategic direction. USATT Board of Directors shall exercise and have authority over all corporate powers, and oversee the management of its business and affairs.  Each Board member is collectively responsible for the following:

  • implementing procedures to orient new Board members, educating all directors on the business and governance affairs of USATT, and evaluating Board performance;
  • selecting, compensating, and evaluating the Chief Executive Officer and plans for management succession;
  • reviewing and approving the strategic plan and the annual operating plans, budget, business plans, and corporate performance;
  • setting policy and providing guidance and strategic direction to management on significant issues facing USATT;
  • reviewing and approving significant corporate actions and contracts;
  • overseeing the financial reporting process, communications with stakeholders, and USATT’s legal and regulatory compliance program;
  • overseeing effective corporate governance;
  • approving capital structure, financial strategies, borrowing commitments, and long-range financial planning;
  • reviewing and approving financial statements, annual reports, significant contracts, audit and control policies, and, upon the recommendation of the Audit Committee, selects independent auditors;
  • monitoring to determine whether USATT’s assets are being properly protected;
  • monitoring USATT’s compliance with laws and regulations and the performance of its broader responsibilities;
  • ensuring that the Board and management are properly structured and prepared to act in case of an unforeseen corporate crisis; and
  • annually monitoring USATT’s operational and management performance.
Definition of Independence:

To summarize the applicable provision of the Bylaws in Section 7.7, an “independent director” shall be determined to have no material relationship with USATT, either directly or through an organization that has a material relationship with USATT. A relationship is “material” if, in the judgment of the Nominating and Governance Committee, it would interfere with the director’s independent judgment.

A director shall not be considered independent if, within the preceding two (2) years:

  1. The director, or his or her immediate family member, was employed by or held any governance position (whether a paid or volunteer) with USATT, the ITTF, the international regional sport entity of Table Tennis, or any sport family entity of Table Tennis;
  2. The director, or his or her immediate family member, was affiliated with or employed by USATT’s outside auditor or outside counsel;
  3. The director was a member of USATT’s Athletes’ Advisory Council or any constituent group with representation on the Board;
  4. The director receives any compensation from USATT, directly or indirectly;
  5. The director is an executive officer, controlling shareholder, or partner of a corporation or partnership or other business entity that does business with USATT;
  6. The director was both a member of USATT and was involved in an active role or identified with any constituent group; or
  7. The director is an immediate family member of an Elite Athlete or National Team Member.

Serving in the capacity of an Independent Director or Independent Committee member does not negate the independent status for consideration in a consecutive subsequent term. Where the guidelines above do not address a particular relationship, the determination of whether the relationship is material, and whether a director is independent, shall be made by the Nominating and Governance Committee.

Application Process:

USA Table Tennis’ Nominating Committee invites letters of nomination, applications, or expressions of interest. To be considered for this position, please submit a brief letter of interest, an updated resume/CV, and a list of 6-8 references.  Confidential review of materials will begin immediately and continue until the appointment is made. It is preferred, however, that all nominations and applications be submitted prior to November 28, 2011. 

Please submit all letters of nomination, applications, or expressions of interest to:

Daniel F. Parker, Sr.
(Phone) 770-804-1996 ext: 111
(Fax) 770-804-1917 – please call to confirm receipt

USA Table Tennis is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Organization.
Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

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