March 16, 2011, 12 a.m. (ET)

The ITTF recently announced the recognition of some 22 world-wide organizations/clubs as designated training center “Hot Spots” under a program organized by ITTF Executive Director of Education and Training, Mikael Andersson. Three USATT Clubs were recognized for inclusion in the program:

  1. ICC Table Tennis Center, Milpitas, CA
  2. The Top Spin, San Jose, CA
  3. Lily Yip TT Center, Dunellen, NJ

These three clubs first submitted an application to the ITTF for inclusion in the program. Upon receipt of the applications the ITTF requested that USATT review the applications and endorse those felt to meet the minimal specifications described by the ITTF. We assembled an interview panel that consisted of the Chairs of our Clubs Advisory Committee, our Coaching Advisory Committee, our High Performance Committee, the Co-Chair of our Athlete Advisory Committee, our High Performance Director and the CEO. We then conducted teleconference interviews with the applicant clubs before submitting our endorsements of each. We are very excited about the inclusion of our clubs in this program as it reflects positively on them and programs in the future.

Michael D. Cavanaugh, CO - USA Table Tennis

Additional quotes:

"It is a great pleasure to see USA Clubs entering the international high performance arena. I am confident that the selected clubs will work very hard to improve to the next level and I wish all of them to have the strength, energy and patience to succeed in this endeavor."
- Teodor Gheorghe, COO - USA Table Tennis

"Having these 3 deserving clubs selected as ITTF hotspots is a very important step in helping the USA build the infrastructure necessary for consistent internationally competitive excellence."
- Dennis Davis, Chair, USATT Junior Advisory Committee

"It was an honor and a pleasure to take part in reviewing applications for the ITTF's new and exciting Hot Spot designation. I wondered if we dare endorse three clubs, two of which are only ten miles apart in California. We are delighted that the ITTF concurred - each of these three clubs is too good to omit from the list."
- Ross Brown, Chair, USA Table Tennis High Performance Committee

"The establishment of “World-Class” table tennis training centers in this country has long been a dream of the USATT. With the announcement of three USATT Clubs achieving the coveted ITTF “Hot-Spot” status, this dream has now taken a big step towards becoming a reality. The USATT Coaching Committee congratulates all three clubs and pledges its full support for their excellent programs."
- Richard McAfee, Chair, USATT Coaching Advisory Committee

Attached you will find detailed information from the ITTF on the program and a complete listing of the Hot Spots identified.