Japan on our Minds

March 15, 2011, 4:13 a.m. (ET)
On behalf of the ITTF I send our heartfelt sorrow and support to the people of Japan for the devastation caused by the recent earthquake and Tsunami.

We have received confirmations that members of the table tennis family are safe and sound. But we cannot feel any comfort watching the effects of the recent events on our TV screens. We can only hope that the resilience and perseverance of the Japanese people will overcomeany and all devastation and destruction. The positive spirit of the Japanese people will, without a doubt, help in the rebuilding of the affected areas.

Our thoughts and our moral support is with the Japanese people, and we are thankful that the members of our table tennis family are all safe. We wish the same for their families and loved ones.

Adham Sharara
ITTF President

Dear Mr. Sharara,

On behalf of JTTA, I wish to express my deep appreciation for your warm sympathy to JTTA and Table Tennis people received the heavily disaster due to the strongest earthquake happend in mainly northern area in Japan.

Our staff and directors of JTTA are all OK.

It wrings my heart to see the reality of damage and rescue work through TV.

However, I believe Govement and people will concentrate their mind against this disaster by making every efforts for the reconstruction work, as you mentioned in your words.

We will try to contact with our affiliate associations in the stricken area to get the information about T.T. colleague from tomorrow, Monday.

We will put our expression of sympathy to T.T. people in the stricken area and will apeal to T.T. colleague about the cooperation of backing on our website and we will put in this your sysmpathy words as a president of ITTF and your thought to the tenciousness of Japanese people who confront the difficulty through the courageous will.

I also would like to express my heartfelt thanks to my colleague who gave me the sympathy.

Koji Kimura
JTTA President