ITTF-PTT Level 1 Coaching Report – Brooklyn, New York

June 29, 2011, 11:55 p.m. (ET)
Part II - June 26, 2011

Of the fifteen coaches signed up to participate in the ITTF Level 1 Coaching Course in Brooklyn, New York ,thirteen of them have now successfully completed the first part of the program, with two coaches opting out due to  family emergencies.

The course a first of its kind in the City was held over two weekends at the Brownsville Recreation Centre, with coaches having an in-depth look and study of the ITTF Level 1 manual. The final day was on Sunday (June 26th) with coaches making their practical presentations on techniques covered in the book.

Additionally, the interesting and sometimes heated discussions on the topics lend to the memorability of the course which attracted coaches from all over the USA, including Ross Brand and Marvin Thomas a Physical Education Teacher and a Parent Coordinator at the North Star Academy Middle School in Brooklyn.

Ross’s goal is to win the New York Middle School League championships, a tournament organized by American Youth Table Tennis Organization which will be staged next year January. He believes that because of this course he now has a better chance of fulfilling his dream.

All persons present expressed the feeling that they are now better equipped to work as coaches with their players. As for Bala Hariharan of New Jersey who wants to do the Paralympics component of the course, this one was about camaraderie and making new friends coupled with the many things he has learnt.

The coaches were treated to pizza and drinks after the final presentation on Sunday,

All agreed it was fun, activity and learning during the course just as the manual described.

Part I - Date: June 20, 2011

Last weekend (June 18th & 19th) was the commencement of the ITTF Level 1 Coaching Course in Brooklyn, New York at the Brownsville Recreation Center.

Fifteen coaches from several parts of United States converged in the gymnasium of the centre to start the programme which was recently introduced into the USA last year.

The Brownsville Recreation Centre hosts a vibrant community of all Nationalities in Brooklyn, in a lot of sports such as basketball, soccer, table tennis and swimming.

Last weekend table tennis was on display in a major way as coaches listened attentively and participated actively in the sessions with persons from the centre watching on from the outside of the gym.

According to President of the Brownsville Strikers Table Tennis Club, John Duncan and Vice President Leroy King both of whom are attending the course, the club has over 120 members from all ages and the players practise thrice weekly.

Present on the course also is Mieczyslaw Suchy a Top 10 ranked player in the New York State, Mieczyslaw is originally from Poland where he said that one of his students managed to gain a medal at the European Junior championships.

In addition there are: Paul David, National Player from Guyana who coaches at Spin New York, Muhammad Pirzada, lead coach at American Youth Table Tennis Organization, Michael Henry, a former National player from Jamaica and Nelson Gore who travelled all the way from Massachusetts, Boston to attend the course.

Nelson said that he has been coaching for over twenty years and his main reason for attending is that he wants to become a better coach.

On Saturday the coaches were given a welcome talk by American Youth Table Tennis Organization’s Director Ben Nisbet who spoke of future partnerships and collaborations with his organization and the coaches. He was high in praise of the ITTF’s program of spreading table tennis at the grassroots level.

The coaches resume their work this Saturday and finish on Sunday at the same venue.

The course is being conducted by Sydney Christophe.

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