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USA Table Tennis

40th Ping-Pong Diplomacy Anniversary - China Tour

Dec. 09, 2011, 6:25 p.m. (ET)
Press Releases:

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From the US State Department:

Behind the scenes Blog Notes from USATT Magazine Editor Steve Hopkins:

The Hangzhou portion of the trip has been packed. We arrived via plane at 4PM on Friday but after lugage and traffic we arrived nearly an hour late for the planned event. Straight from the bus to the event without even unpacking.... reporters and diplomats and speeches....then into a room with banquet seating for 75... then course after course of local cuisine ...they are known for their fish dishes...clams and mussels and shrimp and dim sum and soup plus much more...then an after party where my table of 10 included 3 world champions! Then finally slept....

Today we left early for Zhe Jiang University for an exibition...US v China with some of the school team joining the retired Chinese greats.... it was more for fun than the other matches have been with laughter and lobs and a joking announcer...

Fan won one long rally and ran past his team mates with arms up accepting high fives and Judy and Connie beat the retired world champs. Timothy played the university champion and faced his best...a strong player on his home court with many to impress...students administration and the Chinese heroes....

We are now off to visit the sights Nixon and Kissinger visted 40years ago retracing...and to see a tree that was planted at that time to honor the events and the friendships...

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