National Team Coach Roster Filled

June 04, 2010, 12 a.m. (ET)

USA Table Tennis is very pleased to announce that the National Team Coach (NTC) roster has been filled. The NTC Selection Committee has tendered its recommendations to and they have been accepted by CEO Mike Cavanaugh.

As per a previous announcement, three National Coach positions which had not been recently reviewed were opened for applications. In two of these slots, our current coaches applied to remain.

We are happy to announce Emilia Gheorghe, Cadet Girls Coach, and Keith Evans, Cadet Boys Coach, were reaffirmed by the selection committee. Congratulations go out to Daniel Rutenberg who was selected to be the Paralympic Team coach. We are also delighted to announce the appointment of Yang, Shigang, of Atlanta, as Junior Boys National Team Coach.

Appointments are pending results of background screenings.

The selection committee consisted of Pam Fontaine, Bob Fox, Jun Gao, Ashu Jain, Richard McAfee, Whitney Ping, Han Xiao, and Ross Brown.

Emilia, Keith, and Yang join Stefan Feth (Men’s), Lily Yip (Junior Girls), and Doru Gheorghe (Women’s) to complete our NTC roster.

Please join us in wishing our National Team Coaches every success.