Dillon Resigns as Chair of Officials and Rules Committee

July 14, 2010, 12 a.m. (ET)

Wendell Dillon, Chairman of the Officials and Rules Committee, has submitted his resignation as Chairman of ORAC effective July 15th.  Wendell has indicated that he is willing to remain as a member of ORAC for as long as he is wanted.  Wendell nominated Roman Tinyszin , current ORAC member, as his replacement.

Roman submitted his resume to me and I in turn presented that to the Board.  The Board voted to appoint Roman as Chairman of ORAC through the remainder of Wendell’s term at which time all USATT Committee Chair positions will be opened up for review, nomination, approval and appointment.

Roman has accepted the nomination and I anticipate that he will accept the Board appointment.

I would like to personally thank Wendell for not only his years of service but for his years of professional and visionary service.  Wendell took care of his area of responsibility to the nth degree and it was comforting to me to know that he was in charge and would see his duties completed in a thorough manner.  We will miss him a great deal.  In the same breath, I would like to welcome Roman to the ORAC Chair position.  Wendell has groomed Roman for the responsibilities and he also is blessed with the experience, wisdom and demeanor that will serve us all well in his term as ORAC Chairman.