New Racket Controls Rules to Begin Sept 1, 2010

July 12, 2010, 12 a.m. (ET)

For the attention of National Associations and Players    

Dear Friends, 

After a transition period given to the players, in order to adapt and become familiar with Racket Controls, we now announce the new rules, which will take effect from 1st September 2010to all ITTF events

1. VOC Tolerance will be 3.0 ppm

2. Racket Control tests will be carried out after the matches, except the matches from quarter finals and on. 

3. Players will be given the opportunity to have two voluntary tests, at each event, before the matches, without any penalties.

4. Penalties will be applied after each racket control failure.

5. After four accumulated failures over a 48-months period, the player will be suspended from participating in ITTF events for 12 months.

The intentions for these changes were separately communicated in the past, either in a form of official announcement either as official propositions in the BoD agenda. During the BoD meeting in Moscow these propositions passed and they are now official, taking effect on the date stated above.

You are kindly requested to distribute the two attached documents to your Association's Board, players, clubs, coaches and/or any other party involved in table tennis.

Best regards,

Vicky Eleftheriade                                                                                                                         

ITTF Equipment Coordinator