2009 Nationals - Statement Regarding the Arbitration Decision and Process

April 15, 2010, 12 a.m. (ET)
Many members have made inquiries as to the status of the process that stems from the USATT suspension of athletes who boycotted/defaulted in the Men’s QF at our National Championships in December of 2009 in Las Vegas .  As you recall the Board filed a complaint that was accepted by the Ethics Committee.  The Ethics Committee ruled to not dismiss the complaint and therefore a Hearing Panel was appointed.  A hearing was held in January and subsequently a ruling of suspension was issued against the six (6) athletes involved in the boycott/default incident.

Two of the athletes named in the suspension ruling appealed to the American Arbitration Association (AAA) for the right to compete in the National Team Trials.  The AAA held a hearing on March 3rd and right after the hearing rendered a decision to allow the two athletes to compete in the National Team Trials that were being held at Texas Wesleyan University . We published the complete decision statement made by the arbitrator the Monday after it was issued.

The arbitrator is expected to issue to the USATT a written report following the AAA hearing.  To date we have not received that written report. The Board will review the arbitrator’s decision to determine what other actions are required or if we need to change any of our policies.  At the moment we are operating on the premise that for the two athletes that made the appeal to the AAA, their USATT imposed suspensions have been vacated and they are free to participate in USATT sanctioned events with full rights and privileges.

As soon as possible following the receipt of the arbitrator’s report, we will publish the results of that report on the website for the full membership.

Thank you for your patience as USATT works our way through this issue.