USATT Strategic Planning Summary

Oct. 21, 2009, 12 a.m. (ET)

On September 25th and 26th, USATT assembled a cross-section of Table Tennis expertise at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs that included Board members, Advisory Committee Chairs and members, elite athletes, a USATT Foundation representative, club representatives, representatives of the manufacturing/distributors and sponsors sector along with members of the national staff for an intensive series of strategic planning sessions.  Maureen Craig, an independent facilitator with an impressive background in corporate planning, led all sessions. 

In the process, USATT strengths, weaknesses and opportunities were discussed at length in an open and candid manner.  It was felt that it would be important to focus on manageable priorities that would prove to have lasting and meaningful benefit to the membership and to the sport. 

The USATT Board adopted the three strategic initiatives, a brand promise, a vision statement and a set of core values at their meeting on September 27th.   The three strategic initiatives, Junior Development, Grow Membership through Added Value and Communications were each appointed a task force led by a Board member with the expectation that we will begin making changes within 30 days and that we will take more action and have a full report by our Annual Assembly in December.

  • Brand Promise
    USATT: Taking our Game to the Next Level
  • Brand Vision
    We will introduce a new generation of youth to a new generation of Table Tennis.  We will ignite a grassroots movement that connects the fun of basement ping pong to the awesome intensity of Olympic competition.

    Club and league directors will see us as their trusted ally in engaging the masses and nurturing talent.

    Colleges will offer Table Tennis scholarships and attendance at intramural competitions will be standing room only.  Table Tennis will become a varsity high school sport.  Corporate sponsors we now seek will instead seek us out.

    We will be known as innovators and agents of change.  Ten years from now, other sports' NGBs will meet and ask themselves, "How can we grow our sport like Table Tennis did?"

  • Brand Values
    - We believe that working together, we can accomplish far more than working alone.

    - We welcome players from the basement to the Olympic arena.
    - Respect and integrity will not be sacrificed for results.  We call our own faults.
    - It is better to serve than to receive

  • Strategic Priorities
    • Junior Development 
    • Grow Membership through Added Value
    • Communications

    The Junior Development Task Force has Ashu Jain serving as the Chairman.  The Grow  Membership through Added Value is Chaired by Christian Lillieroos.  The Communications Task Force has Han Xiao serving as the Chairman.  Each of the named task forces is currently gathering their members and they are already planning their programs.

    The brand promise is to take our game to the next level.  With that expect a new logo and website design.  Our vision emphasis is on youth so expect initiatives that are youth oriented.  Our values embrace the energy of the sport, integrity and conclude," We believe it is better to serve than to receive."

    Again, the plan calls for a more detailed report to be made to the membership at the Annual Assembly in December to be held in conjunction with our 2009 National Championships in Las Vegas the evening of December 15 at the LV Convention Center (meeting room to be announced).  We look forward to meeting as many of the membership as possible at the Annual Assembly and to also conveying our plans and initiatives through our website and magazine to those who can not be in attendance with us in Las Vegas.


    Peter Scudner                                                             Michael D. Cavanaugh
    Chairman of the Board                                               CEO