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USA Table Tennis

Video of the Day - 2013 World Women's Attack-Chop Competition 1/2

Oct. 02, 2013, 9 a.m. (ET)

2013 Yingli Cup, Women's Table Tennis Attack-Chop Competition 
# August 20-21, Baoding, CHN | PART I 

• Cao Zhen vs Irene Ivancan 
• Huang Yi-Hua vs Fan Ying 
• Liu Shiwen vs Qiang JiaXiu
• Li Xiaoxia vs Seo Hyowon
• Li Xiaoxia / Liu Shiwen Vs 2 amateurs*
*Champions of "Who is the King" Chinese civil TT competition

Many Thanks to Guwahati Sports! •
# All Credits to CCTV5 / CCTV